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Representing the Rights of Individuals in Lyft Accidents

San Antonio is a vibrant city with something for everyone. Whether it’s museums, world-class shopping, or a visit to the Alamo and dinner on the Riverwalk, San Antonio has it. And what better way to get around than by hailing a Lyft with the click of an app. Although Lyft offers pure convenience, accidents involving Lyft drivers sometimes occur. If you’ve been injured in an accident with a Lyft driver, your claim may be more complicated because of the additional regulations and insurance rules that apply to commercial drivers.

New and Confusing

The law is evolving rapidly to keep up with the advent of rideshare companies like Lyft. Rideshare companies appeared with very few attendant rules and regulations on the books. While that’s changing, rideshare companies continue to operate in a somewhat ambiguous legal space. This fact can make Lyft accident claims especially complicated. Don’t leave your Lyft accident claim to chance or to the vagaries of negotiating with an insurance company. If you’ve been injured in an accident involving a Lyft driver, seek an experienced Lyft accident attorney.

Every car accident is upsetting, but Lyft accidents may be more complicated. A dedicated Lyft accident attorney can guide you through the process and protect your rights. The experienced Lyft accident lawyers at The Law Offices of George Salinas in San Antonio have the skill, determination, and knowledge to help effectively and efficiently recover compensation for injuries suffered in and accident with a Lyft driver. We are here to help.

The Rideshare Scene

Because the rules and regulations associated with Lyft drivers and ensuing Lyft accidents are changing, knowing how to proceed with an accident claim is complicated. While the law pushes forward, the claims process remains sketchy. If you’re injured as a Lyft passenger, you’re probably covered by Lyft’s commercial insurance policy, but even this is not a given.

The Insurance Company and Your Claim

Even if your Lyft accident claim is relatively straightforward, and the commercial insurance policy accepts your claim, there’s still plenty to consider. First and foremost, it’s imperative that you recognize how commercial insurance companies operate. While the company may well cover your accident, that does not mean it will cover your damages adequately.

Car accidents often elicit serious injuries that continue to evolve and sometimes worsen over time. Further, the physical, financial, and emotional expenses after an accident can be immense. Without just compensation, it is much more difficult to recover from an accident and move on with your life.

It is important to realize that insurance companies are in business for profit, which means its objective is to keep your settlement as low as possible, which may include using some unscrupulous tactics. Your claim is far too important to leave to the insurance company’s discretion. Get help from an experienced Lyft accident attorney to negotiate with the insurance companies on your behalf. These accidents and their interrelationship with insurance policies continue to be something of a riddle.

The Insurance Riddle

Lyft drivers naturally carry their own car insurance – just like every other driver on the road. When Lyft drivers are on duty, however, Lyft also carries rideshare insurance covering the trip. If you’re injured as a passenger in a Lyft, or by an on-duty Lyft driver, Lyft’s commercial coverage will apply.

On-Duty Lyft Driver

If the negligent Lyft driver is on duty and carrying a passenger (or is in the process of collecting a passenger), then Lyft’s commercial insurance policy should cover the driver’s liability in the accident. In such an instance, the Lyft driver’s vehicle is considered a commercial vehicle under the law and is therefore likely covered by the commercial policy.

On-Duty Lift Driver With No Passengers

When the Lyft driver in question is on the road and awaiting an active fare, things get a bit more complicated. Lyft drivers naturally have downtime when they wait for customers. If a Lyft driver’s negligence leads to an accident during this holding period, it’s likely that Lyft’s contingent insurance policy – as opposed to its commercial insurance policy – will come into play.

Off-Duty Lyft Driver

If the Lyft driver in question is off duty when his or her negligence causes you to be injured in a car accident, that driver’s own insurance policy will be activated. Your claim in this situation will proceed just like other car accident claims (which are often complicated in and of themselves). When Lyft drivers are off duty, their vehicles turn back into private vehicles, and the law moves forward accordingly.

If You’ve Been Injured in a Lyft Accident, Consult with an Experienced San Antonio Lyft Accident Lawyer Today

Lyft accidents can be unduly complex, with new laws in flux. While the legislators adapt the laws applicable to rideshare claims, Lyft accidents continue to happen. If you’ve been injured in a Lyft accident, it’s no time to handle a complex accident claim on your own. Allow your dedicated Lyft accident attorney to help ensure you recover just compensation for your injuries, while you focus on your physical recovery.

The experienced Lyft accident attorneys at The Law Offices of George Salinas in San Antonio are here to help victims injured in accidents. Our dedicated legal team has the skill, knowledge, and determination to fight for your rights and the best possible outcome in your case. Please contact or call us at 210-225-0909 to schedule an appointment today.