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George Salinas Injury Lawyers is a San Antonio-based law firm focused on personal injury law in Texas. We fight to make sure our clients’ voices are heard and their lives are restored. We bring our power of knowledge and experience to handling each case.

Whether it’s an injury suffered in a tractor-trailer accident or at the workplace, the law regarding these cases and the issues they present is constantly changing and evolving.

Our practice is dedicated to the field of personal injury so that we can remain focused on the law specific to your case and make sure steps are taken to protect your rights.

About Our San Antonio Personal Injury Law Firm

Why Choose Us?

Accidents can strike at any time, so it’s vital to have a personal injury attorney by your side that you can trust. We are committed to the values of trustworthiness, fairness, and loyalty to our clients. We also feel it is important to give clients complete and total access to an attorney throughout the process to understand the progress of their case.

Our Mission to Our Personal Injury Law Clients

Why Do I Do It?

Our clients are more than case numbers. They’re human beings who have had something unjustly taken away from them. In order to speak to their loss, we aim to understand their lives and their values.

What we do as personal injury attorneys has the possibility to effect change for our clients by creating a system of accountability within the civil justice system. Holding the responsible parties accountable and getting justice for our clients is what drives our law firm.

Defining Personal Injury

Liability & Damage

There are two important aspects to a personal injury case: Liability and damages. Even if the liability aspect is clear-cut, sometimes the question isn’t who is responsible but what are they responsible for.

Whether it be a car crash,18-wheeler crash, or work accident, you will need to collect evidence and conduct several independent investigations to determine liability. With guidance from an attorney, you can also determine the damages part of the case to be fully compensated for your losses.

We Have Commitment to Injury Victims

Our commitment to people that walk through our doors is that they know we’re standing side by side with them each step of the way. As you’re up against an insurance company or corporation with unlimited resources, there is a truth that no money or expert can buy

We will show the truth and get you the justice you deserve.


Making People Whole

We’ll never be able to undo the damage you have suffered in the event of an accident. Through our work, in the way that our civil justice system allows us to do it, we aim to address your losses and suffering so that you can feel whole again.

No matter who you are and where you come from, you should be able to go through life without worrying the actions of someone else will cut it short.

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