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Consumer products are embedded in all aspects of our lives, including home, work, school; even your vehicle. We expect everyday consumer products to operate safely and effectively. However, some product manufacturers allow defective consumer products to be sold to the American public, putting you and your family at risk. Consumers are often seriously injured by faulty products, both physically and financially. The extent of these devastating damages can cause physical suffering and economic hardship. Further, when a defective product fails, the loss could spread to other parts of a home or vehicle, causing the property to significantly decrease in value. The careless manufacturers of substandard products must be held responsible for endangering lives and producing losses.

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If you’ve been injured or have suffered property loss due to defective consumer products, your immediate response should be to contact The Law Offices of George Salinas. Our experienced team can explain the legal course of action against consumer product manufacturers that fail to ensure that their products are safe for you and your family.

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