How Much Does a Personal Injury Lawyer Make in Texas?

If you’ve recently suffered injuries in an accident, like a car accident or slip and fall, you may understand the benefits of hiring a personal injury attorney but still have reservations. One of the primary reasons injured victims hesitate to seek legal assistance is fear of high costs, but this shouldn’t keep you from consulting with an attorney.

In reality, many personal injury lawyers structure their fees to benefit you, the client. You can get the representation you need without having to concern yourself with out-of-pocket costs. When it comes to how much a personal injury lawyer makes in Texas, there are several key factors to consider.

How Do Texas Personal Injury Attorneys Make Their Money?

Most personal injury attorneys work on a contingency fee basis. This means that if you win no money for your case, you don’t have to pay your lawyer anything for their services.

When attorneys work on contingency, you’re not required to pay the lawyer anything upfront. Instead, the attorney takes on all of the expenses for your case and eventually makes their money back if you obtain a fair settlement or judgment. 

It’s important to note, though, that contingency fees are only allowed for civil cases, like personal injury cases. The rules for contingency fees are outlined in the Texas Disciplinary Rules of Professional Conduct.

For a lawyer to render services under contingency, you must first agree. Before a personal injury attorney can begin any work on your case, you will need to sign a detailed agreement. 

What Percentage Do Personal Injury Attorneys Take?

When your lawyer works on a contingency fee basis, you’re not paying them for their services right away out of your own pocket. Instead, when they receive your settlement funds, you give them the right to take a certain percentage for themselves. 

In most cases, personal injury lawyers take 33 to 40% of a settlement. The exact percentage depends on various factors, such as the complexity of the case.

During your initial consultation with a personal injury attorney, you can discuss their contingency fee. When you sign your contingency fee agreement, the agreed-upon percentage should be included. Additionally, your attorney can provide a breakdown of their fees and expenses as your case progresses so you know where your eventual earnings are going.

Fees Associated With Personal Injury Cases

Personal injury cases often involve several expenses. They include:

  • Filing: Fees for filing your case in court
  • Service of Process: Fees for serving the other party with copies of court documents notifying them of your impending case
  • Expert Witnesses: Fees for expert witnesses to provide their testimony regarding your case, like medical experts
  • Court Reporter: Fees for a court reporter’s attendance at depositions
  • Transcripts: Fees for transcripts of proceedings provided by the court reporter
  • Obtaining Evidence: Fees for getting copies of evidence, like medical records and police reports

Hiring a personal injury lawyer gives you financial peace of mind, as you don’t need to worry about covering these costs upfront. Your attorney will keep track of your case expenses and provide a detailed description for your records. 

Consulting With a Personal Injury Lawyer

When you need legal assistance with your personal injury case, it’s important to not hesitate to consult with an attorney. Because you don’t have to concern yourself with out-of-pocket expenses, there’s no reason not to get the representation you need.

During your initial consultation, you’ll have the opportunity to discuss fees with your potential lawyer. Once you’ve agreed and signed your contingency fee agreement, your attorney can begin working on your case and pursuing the most beneficial financial recovery on your behalf. 

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