San Antonio Storm Damage Lawyer

The damage left behind by storms can be staggering. The insurance company’s refusal to pay the full amount of damages for your home and its contents can make the damages from this loss overwhelming. At The Law Offices of George Salinas, we proudly represent people who are fighting to make the insurance company pay what is fair and just . . . and not a penny less.

House Damage From Water & Wind?

We have a strong track record of representing individuals and families who have suffered damage from wind and hail storms. This includes roof damage, water damage, wind damage, broken windows, electrical damage, damage to shingles and siding, and the loss of personal items.

From hail storms to hurricanes and tornadoes, let us stand up for you right now and ensure that no stone is unturned and that every dollar owed is paid.

MYTH and TRUTH about Storm Insurance Companies

MYTH #1: I have to accept what the insurance company is offering to pay me for my damages.
TRUTH #1: You DO NOT have to accept the insurance companies own appraisal of the damage. You SHOULD always have your own independent appraisal. At The Law Offices of George Salinas, we make sure that a qualified, independent appraisal is done for the damage, repair, AND replacement for your property.

MYTH #2: I cannot afford to hire a lawyer to represent me in this process.
TRUTH #2: At The Law Offices of George Salinas, we are only compensated for our services if we prevail on your case. Period.

MYTH #3: I cannot afford to have my own appraisal done to find out if the insurance company is being fair.
TRUTH #3: We coordinate the appraisal and ensure that it is paid for when it is done.

MYTH #4: If I hire a lawyer to represent me, I forfeit what has already been offered to me.
TRUTH #4: Attorneys fees are only recovered for additional compensation beyond what has already been offered. In other words, we don’t touch what you have already received or been offered.

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