Experienced Texas car accident lawyers know that being seriously injured in a motor vehicle accident can turn your life upside down. The car accident attorneys at the George Salinas Injury Lawyers are dedicated to helping people take back their lives after they’ve been injured by or lost a loved one to someone else’s negligence.

Types of Car Accidents We Handle

Our Texas car accident attorneys have broad experience with motor vehicle accidents. These include:

Of course, this is only a partial listing, describing some of the most common types of car accident cases we handle

Types of Car Accident Injuries

Texas car accident injuries range from minor bumps and bruises to serious, life-altering injuries. Some of the most common types of car accident injuries include:

On average, about 1,200 people each month are seriously injured in Texas car accidents.

What Damages Can I Recover in a Car Accident

The damages available in a motor vehicle accident case vary depending on the specifics of the case. Here are a few of the most common types of damages car accident victims are awarded:

Determining the Value of Your Car Accident Case

Ultimately, unless you reach a settlement, a jury will determine the value of your car accident claim. In fact, the tendencies of Texas jurors will impact the value of your case even if you settle. That’s because both insurance company lawyers and experienced Texas car accident attorneys know how juries are typically affected by different variables and take the likely outcome at trial into account when negotiating a settlement.

At trial, it’s up to the plaintiff to prove the extent of damages. Some damages, known as economic damages, can be clearly documented. These include medical bills and lost wages. They also include some other types of damages that are quantifiable, but not so easily. For example, if you face long-term limitations, your attorney will have to show the jury how much income you will likely lose over your lifetime, compared with what you would have earned if the injury hadn’t happened.

The other type, non-economic damages, is more subjective. These are losses that don’t have a specific monetary value, like not being able to engage in activities with your children or being affected by ongoing pain.

When to Hire an Attorney for a Car Accident?

If you’re unsure whether you need an attorney for your car accident case, it’s probably in your best interest to schedule a free consultation to learn more about your rights and options. You don’t know what you don’t know, and sometimes insurance companies use that to their advantage. Talking to a local motor vehicle accident attorney can help determine the best way forward.

The best time to take that step is as soon after the accident as possible. People who are inexperienced with the law can make costly mistakes.

How Will a Texas Car Accident Lawyer Help Me?

One of the first and most important ways your car accident attorney can help you is to create a buffer between you and the insurance company. This not only reduces stress, but reduces the opportunity for representatives to lead you into a bad decision you can’t undo.

An experienced lawyer can also keep track of and manage deadlines, comply with technical and procedural requirements, investigate and collect evidence, use their knowledge and experience to negotiate with the insurance company’s lawyers, and–if it’s in your best interest–argue your case to a jury.

Benefits of Working With an Experienced Car Accident Attorney

Every area of law is different. The attorney who handled your divorce may have done a great job, but that doesn’t mean they’re the right person to handle a personal injury case. When it comes to negotiating a favorable settlement or constructing an effective case for a jury, deep knowledge of the substantive and procedural aspects of personal injury law generally–and car accident cases specifically–can make a significant difference.

Why Choose George Salinas Injury Lawyers After Your Car Accident in Texas?

The attorneys at the George Salinas Injury Lawyers have extensive personal injury experience, including significant experience with many different types of car accident claims and other motor vehicle accident cases.

We also understand how a sudden injury can impact your life, and how important it is to secure the compensation that will help you rebuild.

Texas Car Accident FAQ

1. How does a car accident injury claim work?

A Texas car accident injury claim begins with an insurance claim. The responsible party’s insurance carrier is liable for damages the insured caused, up to the limits of the insurance policy. In some cases, the injury lawyer can negotiate a great settlement, and the process is streamlined. The settlement may come before a lawsuit is filed, or may be reached as a way to resolve the lawsuit.

If the parties can’t reach an agreement, then the case proceeds to court. A car accident case can be tried before either a judge or a jury, but jury trials are more common. At trial, the injured person’s attorney presents evidence that the defendant was negligent, that the negligence caused the accident, and that the accident caused the injury. It’s also up to the plaintiff to prove damages. When both sides have presented their evidence, the judge or jury decides whether the defendant is liable. If so, they decide the amount of damages.

2. How much is my Texas car accident case worth?

No attorney can tell you exactly how much your car accident claim is worth, or promise you a specific amount. However, a car accident attorney who is familiar with the local courts can assess your claim, explain the strengths and weaknesses of your case, and tell you what courts have done in similar cases.

3. What do I do after a Texas car accident?

Step one after a Texas car accident is always to ensure that you get any necessary medical care. If you’re able, you should also gather as much information as possible to support your claim. For example, in addition to exchanging insurance information at the scene, consider taking photos before cars are moved and collecting contact information from witnesses. And, of course, you’ll want to speak to experienced personal injury attorneys as soon as possible.

4. How long do I have to file a Texas car accident lawsuit?

Generally, you have two years from the date of the incident to file a Texas personal injury lawsuit, including a car accident case. However, in some circumstances the timeline may differ, so it’s in your best interest to get advice from an experienced Texas car accident attorney as quickly as possible.

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