Road Work Accidents: Who Is Responsible?

road work accidents

Road construction is necessary to maintain, repair, and improve roads and highways in and around San Antonio. These work zones, however, create many traffic accident risks—both to construction workers and to motorists. Statistics show that, in 2015, more than 96,600 accidents took place in these zones, 25,485 of which resulted in injuries to at least one person.

When a road work accident injures someone, costly medical bills and other losses often result. Who should face responsibility for these losses?

Injuries to Construction Workers

While construction is important work, it is also dangerous. These workers put themselves at risk of injuries, every day. Because road construction workers are often unprotected by vehicles, passing cars may hit them at any point. This is especially true, when distracted, speeding, or otherwise negligent drivers pass through construction zones. Other workers—who may misuse equipment or make other errors on the job—can also injure construction workers.

People who sustain work-related injuries have the right recover their losses from their employer, a third party, or both. Compensation depends on the circumstances of the accident, who was at fault, and the type of insurance coverage their employer, or the third party, may have. For example, if a driver hits you, you can hold that driver liable for negligence. If no third party was involved, and you were injured performing your job, your employer’s workers’ compensation insurance may cover your medical bills, lost income, and related losses. In some cases, you may seek compensation through workers’ compensation and a personal injury claim against a third party. An experienced attorney can review your situation and advise you of your rights.

Injuries to Non-Workers

While the safety of construction workers in work zones gets much attention, road work crashes can also injure motorists. Negligent construction crews may lead cars to crash, by:

  • Not posting proper signs warning of road hazards
  • Not properly directing traffic
  • Leaving tools, equipment, or other items protruding into traffic lanes
  • Making errors with large machinery
  • Failing to mark lane changes

If you crash because a construction crew made a negligent error, you likely have the right to hold the construction company liable for all of your losses. Liability in these situations often depends on complex legal principles, and an experienced attorney should evaluate it.

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