Injured At the San Antonio Zoo? Here’s What To Do

You might consider the zoo to be one of the safest attractions to which you can take your children. After all, zoos like the one in San Antonio tend to consist of outdoor and indoor exhibits of animals and other creatures secured behind cages and safety glass. Walkways are typically large, and there are no attractions like major roller coasters and other rides with a history of malfunctioning.

But like any other such establishment, San Antonio’s zoo can play host to dangerous conditions and situations that can cause you or your child serious injury. These injury accidents can take you by surprise. However, knowing what to do when they happen can help you and your loved ones get appropriate care and preserve your legal right to seek compensation.

Steps To Take After an Injury At the San Antonio Zoo

Suppose that you are walking through an exhibit, and you slip and fall, hurting your back in the process. Or perhaps your child goes to pet an animal being displayed by a zookeeper, and that animal attacks your child. Your next steps should be as follows:

Report the Incident Immediately

Do not delay seeking a zoo staff member to report the accident. If no staff member is nearby and you cannot move, call 911 or ask a nearby witness to call for you. You not only want to get medical assistance to your location as soon as possible, but you want to alert appropriate supervisors at the zoo to the fact that you or your loved one have been hurt.

Notifying the zoo of the injury is important because it will need to make a report to its insurance company about the accident. This is essential for holding the insurance company accountable for paying any claim you submit. It also helps to document when, where, and the circumstances under which you sustained harm.

Gather Evidence, But Do Not Discuss the Incident

Take notes about what led to the injury, including any observations you made before or after the accident. For example, if you slipped and fell on a bathroom’s wet floor, look around and note whether there are any warning signs posted or safety cones in place. And, if you can, take photographs of the lack of warning signs, your personal injuries, and anything else you think might be helpful to show a lawyer later.

Do not make any statement to the zoo’s management or supervisor beyond what is necessary to get medical help. Avoid stating that you are not seriously hurt or admitting any sort of fault for the accident. 

Get Medical Assistance As Soon As You Can

You should always err on the side of caution if you are unsure how seriously you have been hurt. If you have been attacked by an animal, hit your head or back, or have a broken bone, the local emergency room may be the most appropriate place to go for treatment. 

Otherwise, make an appointment with your primary care physician or local urgent care center for evaluation. And make sure to keep any recommended follow-up appointments and take any prescriptions only as directed.

Getting Compensation Following an Accident At the San Antonio Zoo

If the San Antonio Zoo committed a careless act or negligent omission that hurt you, you may be entitled to compensation from the zoo. This can help pay for your out-of-pocket expenses, suffering, and other losses. 

Your ability to do so and the amount you can recover are tied to taking the right steps after your accident. Report the matter promptly, document what you can, and get treatment quickly in order to have the best chance of recovering compensation.

Then, speak to an experienced San Antonio personal injury lawyer regarding your legal options.

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