How To Make A Police Report After A Car Accident In San Antonio, TX 

In Texas, you are required to report a car accident under most conditions. Nonetheless, many drivers forgo reporting crashes for different reasons. Unfortunately, doing so exposes them to potential criminal and civil liability. 

Because filing a report is simple and not too time-consuming, all drivers involved in a crash should strongly consider filing. Doing so can help protect you and strengthen a potential personal injury claim. 

When a Police Report Is Necessary

If you are involved in a car accident in San Antonio or anywhere else in Texas, you must file a police report under the following circumstances:

  • The accident causes an injury or death 
  • A vehicle involved in the crash can no longer be driven safely or normally or has sustained $1,000 or more of damage

Failure to file a police report can result in a driver’s license suspension. The problem is that some drivers may not be certain whether their vehicle has suffered $1,000 or more of damage. To remedy this problem, you can choose to file a police report after any car accident you experience. 

How to File a Police Report In San Antonio, TX

After a car accident, there is a 10-day window for drivers to report accidents to law enforcement. There are two options for reporting your car accident. The first involves the police officer who arrives on the scene. This officer will file their own report, which relieves you of the duty to file a police report. 

The second way to file a car accident report with the police is by reporting it to the Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT), which is typically done after the accident. 

Although you do not have to worry about filing a police report if the police file one of their own, you should be concerned about what you say when on the record. Remember that anything you say can be used against you in a civil or criminal case. 

When reporting your accident to the TxDOT, you must also take care with what you record on the Crash Report (CR-2) form. What you write down will be your official version of the events. 

The CR-2 asks a variety of basic questions relating to your identity and the car crash, including:

  • The location and the date and time of the car accident
  • Complete information on all drivers
  • A short narrative of the car accident
  • A description of the weather and road conditions when the accident occurred 

If an officer did not file a report, you may want to consider scheduling a free consultation with a car accident attorney before reporting your accident. The statement you make on the form can have a major impact on your claim for compensation or a claim against you.

After You File

Filing a police report after a car accident is just one of a few different recommended steps to take after a car accident. The next course of action is to contact your insurance company and call or reach out online to a car accident lawyer. The latter will work to protect your right to compensation. 

Protect Your Future!

Filing a police report is simple and required in most cases, making it worth your time to always report your car accidents to the police. If you have sustained serious injuries, it is strongly advised that you contact an experienced car accident attorney in San Antonio, TX, for representation.

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