Holiday Seasons Mean More Trucks and More Accidents

Truck Accident Lawyer in San Antonio TexasBexar County, home to San Antonio, gets more than its share of truck accidents—2,659, in fact, in one recent year, according to the Texas Department of Transportation. Eight died in those crashes, while an estimated 986 were injured, 69 of them seriously.

Most people understand that one’s risk of being involved in a truck accident increases during certain times of the year. When ice is present on the road, for example, drivers may struggle to maintain control of their already hard-to-control vehicles. In heavy rain, for example, drivers may struggle with visibility and maneuverability. Beyond just adverse weather conditions, holiday seasons also contribute to an increase in car accidents and unsafe driving.

More Vehicles Overall

During holiday seasons, there are generally more vehicles on the road—often filled with impatient people who may not be focused on their driving. Many individuals choose to travel home for the holidays. They may want to spend time with loved ones, celebrate with friends and family, or simply visit the people that they love most. Others find themselves dashing from one store to the next in an effort to find the perfect Christmas gifts for their loved ones. Unfortunately, more people out and about also means more vehicles on the roads, which contributes to a rise in car accidents during the holiday season. November and December produce the third and fourth most traffic fatalities of any months in Texas.

More Trucks

In addition to passenger vehicles on the roads, the holiday season usually means an increase in truck traffic as well. First, brick and mortar stores must keep their shelves stocked with the season’s most popular products, which requires more and more trucks to hit the road. Second, many people choose to shop online from home, which means trucks must deliver increased amounts of mailed goods to customers across the country. This increase in the number of trucks needed brings with it many challenges for truck drivers, which we discuss below.

  • Drivers spend more hours on the road. Trucking companies may require their employees to work overtime, or truckers may simply receive more hours than usual in the effort to ensure that all of the holiday season’s most popular goods are transported in time.
  • The odds of driver fatigue increase. Not only are truckers driving more during the holiday season, but also they may have additional responsibilities at home that decrease the amount of time that they have to rest between work days. Drivers may attend holiday parties, visit with friends and family, or try to cram in holiday shopping during their limited free time.
  • Driver distraction may increase, too. Drivers have many things on their minds during the holiday season. They may want to find the perfect gifts for their family and friends, and they may also stress about being home for important events. They may even struggle with being away from loved ones at this time of year. Increased distraction behind the wheel can prove devastating, especially for truck drivers, who drive larger vehicles that can cause serious damage and injury if involved in an accident.

All of these factors lead to an increased possibility for accidents during the holiday season. While most truckers do their best to maintain reasonable speeds and driving behaviors, they may struggle to prevent accidents, especially if they experience fatigue or distraction.

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