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Getting free legal advice is often the only option for accident victims to enforce their rights and get the compensation that they’re entitled to, including:

  • Coverage of all medical expenses
  • Coverage of all rehabilitation expenses
  • Reimbursement of lost wages
  • Compensation for pain and suffering

After suffering an accident that wasn’t their fault, a victim typically wants to:

  1. Get justice for their case. 
  2. Recover from their injuries alongside their family and without financial worries.

However, in order to get fair and ample compensation, it’s necessary to enlist the help of an expert law firm. That’s because:

  • It’s necessary to gather evidence, which often requires hiring experts and using high-tech equipment. 
  • Winning a negligent accident case involves taking on powerful insurance companies that often seek to avoid compensating the victim or pay as little as possible. 
  • Presenting a strong case requires specialized legal knowledge in the personal injury field.

But many people forgo hiring a law firm simply because they believe it’s too expensive and their financial stability could become compromised.

However, it’s important for you to know two essential things about costs:

  1. At George Salinas Injury Lawyers, we offer a free consultation so you can tell us about your case. We’ll examine it and discuss different legal options with you.
  2. If we agree to take your case, you won’t have to pay us out-of-pocket due to a payment method designed to protect victims’ finances. Called “contingency fees,” this method means the law firm receives a small percentage of the final compensation you get (and only if you win).

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What types of cases are eligible for free legal advice?

You can request free legal advice for any type of case. However, “contingency fees” involve a payment method where you don’t have to pay anything out-of-pocket. This method works especially well for personal injury cases involving negligent accidents.

Negligent accidents are those where a person is injured due to someone else’s fault. This covers a wide range of incidents.

These are the most common types of cases where you can seek free legal advice:

  1. Workplace accidents
  2. Elder abuse in nursing homes
  3. Dog bite accidents
  4. Wrongful death
  5. Slips and falls
  6. Commercial premises accidents
  7. Defective product accidents
  8. Storm damage
  9. Traffic accidents

Can you trust that a free legal defense will work to win your case?

When an attorney works an hourly personal injury case, often the victim has no way of knowing if they’re indeed working to win the case during the reported hours. In these types of arrangements, victims may spend a lot of money without any certainty that they’ll end up getting the compensation they deserve.

In order to prevent these types of abuses, there’s a method called “contingency fees.” In this case, the protection of clients’ finances is guaranteed:

  • Personal injury lawyers prepare cases using their own resources, so the client never has to pay out-of-pocket. In return, the lawyers get a small percentage of the final compensation, but only if they win.

Under this payment method, you can be certain that:

  1. Lawyers will work full time on your case. That’s because if they don’t win, they won’t get paid anything.
  2. If the lawyers agreed to work on your case, it’s because they’re confident that they can win it.

Common injuries that are covered in a free legal defense

Negligent accidents can result in all types of injuries. The most common ones covered in a free legal defense include:

  • Broken ribs and bones
  • Spinal injuries
  • Brain injuries, ranging from mild (such as concussion) to severe (such as hemorrhage or trauma)
  • Amputations (loss of limbs)
  • Spinal cord injuries (resulting in varying degrees of paralysis)
  • Injuries to knees, shoulders, ankles, ligaments, neck, back, chest, thorax, pelvis and abdomen.
  • Injuries to internal organs
  • Scrapes and bruises
  • Post-traumatic stress
  • Distress
  • Development of phobias
  • Depression
  • Catastrophic injuries

What must a personal injury lawyer do to win a negligent accident case?

Legally, people and/or institutions owe a duty of care to others during various circumstances of everyday life. This means that they’re responsible for other people’s safety in certain situations. For example:

  • A construction company is obliged to guarantee a safe working area for employees. 
  • A supermarket is obliged to guarantee that their facilities comply with all safety measures for their customers.
  • A driver is obliged to comply with regulations to ensure the safety of pedestrians and other drivers.

If the responsible party breaches their obligations and that breach causes an accident, they’re legally liable to financially compensate the victim. This is known legally as “negligence.”

However, to win these types of cases, experienced personal injury lawyers must prove conclusively that negligence existed. In order to do so, they must go to the scene of the accident with experts in order to gather different types of evidence:

  1. Specialized reports of the scene of the accident. 
  2. Eyewitness testimonies. 
  3. Videographic material that may have recorded the accident. 
  4. Medical and police reports. 
  5. An exhaustive investigation of the guilty party’s background.

With all this evidence gathered, expert attorneys can build a solid case and calculate the amount of compensation to be requested.

What should you consider when choosing the best free legal defense?

According to a study conducted by U.S. News, one of the essential factors to take into account when choosing the best legal defense is the reputation of the law firm. In other words, find out how much experience these lawyers have in winning cases like yours.

For example, if you were in a car accident that wasn’t your fault and you suffered brain injuries, you should make sure that the legal defense you hire has won specific brain injury cases arising from car accidents.

Another factor to consider is the languages that your attorney speaks. If you prefer to speak Spanish, you should make sure that your attorney also speaks Spanish. Otherwise, misunderstandings are bound to arise that may negatively affect the outcome of the case.

Why are the attorneys at George Salinas your best option for free legal services?

At George Salinas Injury Lawyers, we’re one of the most prestigious law firms in the United States. We’ve earned millions of dollars in compensation for our clients and have extensive experience winning personal injury cases.

Are you or a loved one seeking the help of a free lawyer? Call us at 210-225-0909 or fill out this form to schedule a free consultation. We speak Spanish and are available every day of the year. Contact us to get free legal advice.

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