Dangerous Products Can Hurt Your Child

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When you have a baby, there are countless products on the market that claim to make your life easier or improve the quality of your child’s life. Many parents spend thousands of dollars preparing their home with baby products and then continue to purchase products to accommodate their child’s growth over the next few years. Unfortunately, some products that aim to help you as a parent can actually cause harm to your child if they are defective.

Baby and child products can have defects like any other type of household product. The difference is that babies and young children often cannot act to protect themselves during an accident and are, therefore, more vulnerable to serious injuries caused by defective products. Many types of products can cause accidents and injuries to infants or toddlers, including:

  • Cribs
  • Changing tables
  • Swings
  • Car seats
  • Strollers
  • High chairs
  • Toys
  • Clothing

For example, if a crib was designed improperly, it may collapse suddenly – even if it was assembled by the parents according to instructions. A crib collapse can trap a baby and can cause broken bones, head trauma, or even fatal injuries such as suffocation. This is only one of many possible accidents that can occur due to defective baby or child products.

Manufacturer Liability

Every company that sells products has the legal duty to ensure that its products are safe for consumers to use as intended. This includes ensuring that all baby and child products are safe and marketed properly for the correct age group. The following are some ways that manufacturers can be negligent and that can result in dangerous products:

  • Defective design – In some cases, a product can be defective from the first design stage. If a product is not designed to hold together or be safe, every product that comes from that design will pose risks of injury.
  • Improper assembly – Other times, a product may be designed safely but there may be errors during the assembly process. Perhaps the manufacturing steps are programmed incorrectly, or the company uses materials that are not adequate to hold up to the design. Poor assembly can cause a product to malfunction and cause injury.
  • Improper marketing – It is vital that every child and baby product is marketed for the correct age group. If a company misjudges the appropriate age for a product, children who are too young to safely use the toy or product may be injured, often due to choking or other accidents.
  • Inadequate warnings – Companies should also warn parents if a certain product comes with risks, such as flammability or risk of strangulation. Such warnings are necessary for parents to use products properly and make educated decisions when purchasing products.

Any negligent company should be held fully liable for any injuries to children that result from defective products under the legal theory of products liability.

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