Distracted Driving Accidents in San Antonio


Experienced drivers who are comfortable behind the wheel often make the mistake of thinking they can safely engage in distracted driving behaviors. They can’t. Accidents happen in seconds, and that is how long the typical distracted driver looks away from the road to send a text, fiddle with the radio, or put on makeup. These and other distracted driving behaviors substantially increase the risk of a car accident that hurts not just the distracted driver, but also others on the road.

Texas Department of Transportation statistics show that in 2017, distracted driving caused more than 100,000 crashes on Texas roads. More than 24,000 of those (or nearly a quarter) occurred in Bexar County, of which San Antonio is the county seat, resulting in 46 fatalities. These alarming rates of driver distraction made Bexar the deadliest county for distracted driving in Texas that year.

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The Law Offices of George Salinas: The Legal Help You Need After a San Antonio Distracted Driving Accident

At The Law Offices of George Salinas, we have extensive experience with car accidents of all types, including a steadily increasing number of distracted driving claims. We are proud to have earned the respect and trust of our past clients.

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Understanding Distracted Driving Injuries

Distracted driving causes the types of injuries common to all wrecks. Because distracted drivers do not recognize approaching danger, however, distracted driving accidents tend to occur at higher speeds, resulting in severe trauma, including:

  • Traumatic brain injury
  • Amputations
  • Spinal cord damage
  • Burns
  • Broken bones
  • Severe lacerations
  • Organ damage

Of course, this is just a sampling of the types of injuries that can occur.

Types of Distracted Driving and How They Increase Driver Responsibility

The moment a driver pays attention to something inside the vehicle, rather than the road ahead, the odds of an accident quickly increase. Many drivers fail to recognize the dangers of distracted driving and engage in a range of risky activities behind the wheel, including:

  • Cell phone use. Even talking on a cell phone can cause serious distraction. Texting and driving, which requires taking the one’s eyes off the road to focus on a device, is even more dangerous, because the human brain simply isn’t built to be able to pay attention to driving and a screen at the same time.
  • Eating and drinking. Messy meals, in particular, can cause serious distraction if a driver is trying to eat. Eating and drinking also forces drivers to take at least one hand off the wheel, adding unnecessary risk.
  • Putting on makeup. Many women assume they can safely apply makeup while driving. Unfortunately, this activity requires both coordination and attention that should be dedicated to driving, instead.
  • Disciplining children. Parents often struggle to pay attention to the road when they need to discipline children. Saying “don’t make me stop this car!” is ok. Turning around to look at kids in the back seat is another.
  • Conversations in the car. A conversation can create potent distractions from the road, especially if the conversation is intense or important. The distraction posed conversing with passengers is why teens in many states must limit the number of passengers in the vehicle until they have more driving experience.
  • Radios and GPS. Tuning the radio to a desired station or programming (or glancing down at) a GPS can take the driver’s attention off of the road and increase the risk of a collision.
  • Other distractions. Simply needing to take a rest stop when one isn’t readily available can significantly increase distraction behind the wheel, as can daydreaming or thinking too hard about another task or problem.

After a San Antonio Distracted Driving Accident, What Damages Can an Injured Person Recover?

Anyone who sustains an injury in a distracted driving accident that wasn’t their fault typically has the right to recover compensation from those at fault. Damages covered by insurance and/or potentially recoverable in a court proceeding usually include:

  • Medical bills, including potential ongoing medical expenses or future anticipated medical expenses
  • Lost wages
  • Lost earning potential
  • Pain and suffering
  • Death benefits for a loved one who was killed in a distracted driving accident

Do You Need an Attorney After a Distracted Driving Accident in San Antonio?


San Antonians injured in distracted driving accidents often find themselves struggling financially. Medical bills mount quickly (even when insurance covers some of them), and time off of work recovering means a loss of income. At The Law Offices of George Salinas, we believe everyone deserves the chance to have a good lawyer after suffering an injury or tragic loss in a car accident. That’s why we always offer potential clients a free consultation to discuss their situation case with a member of our team. When we agree to represent someone, we often do so on a contingent fee basis, which means we only receive fees for our services if we recover compensation on behalf of our injured client.

If you suffered injuries or lost a loved one in a San Antonio-area distracted driving accident, you deserve to have an experienced, compassionate legal team on your side to increase your odds of recovering the maximum compensation available under the law. Contact The Law Offices of George Salinas today at (210) 225-0909 to set up your free consultation.