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If you’ve suffered a work-related injury in San Antonio or have been injured on the job as the result of another’s negligence, the first step to securing your rights is to appoint a tough legal representative to fight for you. Workplace injuries occur on a daily basis and often have devastating effects on the lives of employees. Our San Antonio workplace injury lawyers have successfully represented employees and their families who have suffered losses from serious injuries, all the way from oilfields, warehouses, and construction sites to restaurants and stores. Our San Antonio work injury lawyers have an in-depth understanding of the law will enhance your results and give you a better chance for the settlement that will keep you financially secure during this time. We know that it can be devastating when you don’t how you’re going to pay for your bills while you recover, and our work injury attorneys in San Antonio want you to focus on your health and not stress about this legal matter. Being injured on the job can occur for a multitude of reasons that are no fault of your own, and we want to make sure that you don’t end up paying for this with your money and health. The law in Texas protects workers and gives you certain rights if you suffer an injury at work. However, the process of asserting those rights is not always an easy one. To ensure that you receive the full benefits you deserve under the law, you should never hesitate to call an experienced San Antonio personal injury lawyer for help. The Law Offices of George Salinas stands up for the rights of injured workers so please contact our office for free today.

What are Common Workplace Accidents and Injuries in San Antonio

San Antonio workplace accidents and injuries can happen in many different ways. Some are the result of a health and safety violation, some happen because someone was negligent, and others are purely accidental. The good news is that most injured workers have the right to compensation no matter what caused the accident in question. The following are only some examples of work-related accidents in Texas:
  • Falls from scaffolding, ladders, roofs, and other heights
  • Heavy machinery accidents
  • Power tool accidents
  • Oilfield fires or explosions
  • Slip and falls
  • Heavy lifting accidents
  • Getting hit by falling objects or materials
  • Getting crushed by materials or in equipment
  • Motor vehicle accidents
  • Exposure to toxic chemicals or substances
  • Electrocutions
  • Strain from repetitive movements
Any of the above can result in injuries that can affect nearly every aspect of your life for a period of time - if not permanently. Some common workplace injuries and illnesses include:
  • Broken, crushed, or shattered bones
  • Neck and back injuries
  • Traumatic brain injuries
  • Spinal cord injuries
  • Soft tissue tears, sprains, and strains
  • Contusions
  • Lacerations
  • Amputations
  • Puncture wounds
  • Respiratory disorders
  • Mesothelioma
  • Carpal tunnel syndrome
  • Tendinitis
Some workplace injuries are acute and happen due to a single incident while others may develop over time. After discovering any type of work-related injury or illness, you should report the condition to your employer and seek medical treatment immediately. Too many people put off a medical evaluation or avoid it altogether out of stress regarding the costs of treatment. However, if you wait too long, it can be difficult or impossible to seek compensation at a later date. Instead, you should know that injured workers have rights in Texas and our law office will protect those rights for you.

Workers’ Compensation Benefits in San Antonio

George Salinas, San Antonio Workers’ Compensation LawyerTexas is one of the only states that does not require every employer to carry workers’ compensation insurance. However, most employers do carry such coverage, as it limits the legal and financial liability they may otherwise face after a workplace accident and injuries. If your employer does carry workers’ compensation insurance, you will have to seek benefits by filing a claim with the insurer. You may think a San Antonio workers’ compensation claim will be relatively straightforward - after all, you just submit your medical bills and pay statements and get reimbursed for your expenses and lost income, right? Unfortunately, the process can be more complicated than that and many people experience delays or denials of their rightful workers’ compensation claims. Employers and insurers can try to limit your workers’ compensation benefits in many ways, including requiring that you see a doctor of their choice so they can base your benefits of that diagnosis. All too often, this doctor can claim the following:
  • Your injuries were pre-existing and did not happen at work
  • Your injuries are not as serious as you claim
  • You did not require all of the treatment you initially received for your injuries
  • You did not need to miss as much work as you did
  • You are ready to return to work (before you feel ready)
Having a skilled attorney on your side will allow you to fight against such claims. We have resources to prove that your injuries are still preventing you from doing your job, that your injuries were, in fact, work-related, and more. We will fight to get you the full benefits you deserve for your medical costs and lost wages stemming from your work injury.

Filing a San Antonio Work Injury Lawsuit

In some situations, you will have to go through the civil justice system to obtain compensation for your work injury. This can be true in the following cases: Your employer does not have workers’ compensation coverage. If your employer opts not to carry insurance for workers’ compensation, the company opens itself up to facing personal injury lawsuits by injured workers if the accident occurred due to negligence. While workers’ compensation benefits are limited in Texas to medical costs and lost wages, you can seek compensation for any and all injury-related losses when you file a legal claim. Such losses can include past and future financial losses, pain and suffering, and more. A third party’s negligence caused your accident. Even if your employer subscribes to workers’ compensation insurance, you can file a separate legal claim against any third party who was at fault for your accident. For example, if you were driving as part of your job and another motorist crashed into you, you could file a claim against that motorist. If a contractor who was unaffiliated with your company negligently caused your accident, you can hold that contractor liable for your losses. Whether you are filing a personal injury lawsuit against your employer or a third party, the legal process is quite complicated. The are many procedural rules and requirements to follow as well as strict legal standards. You must provide sufficient proof that the party was negligent, as well as proof of all of your claimed damages. It is in your best interest to seek help from a skilled personal injury litigator. Our law firm has extensive experience handling all types of personal injury claims. We will work to present the best case in your favor to obtain the maximum possible settlement. If no favorable settlement is possible, we have experience in the courtroom and can represent you at trial. Attorney George Salinas will advise you of the best options for you to receive full compensation after any type of workplace injury and we will never push you to accept a workers’ compensation or personal injury settlement that is less than you deserve.

San Antonio Workers Comp' Lawyers

George Salinas, Workers Compensation Attorney In San Antonio When you have experience on your side, you will be guided in the best direction for your particular case. A work injury attorney in San Antonio will listen to your specific situation because we know that each person is unique and will require more emphasis on certain aspects of the law. We have the trained eye to properly investigate your work injury case and then execute each detail to the letter. Some companies will send their injured workers to the company doctor and lawyer, and we want you to know that you have other options when you hire a professional work injury attorney in San Antonio. We have your best interest at heart, and not everyone involved will. Let us make the difference in your case and give you the best odds of getting the settlement you deserve. Our San Antonio work injury attorneys will guide you towards the best outcome whether it’s to settle or to go to court, and we’ll keep you informed through every step so that you’re never surprised, but prepared and confident as we move forward. Don’t hesitate to contact us today and let us make a positive impact on your life.

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