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Sport Utility Vehicles, commonly known as SUVs, originated out of necessity during World War II, but did not become popular consumer vehicles for another 40 years. Since then, many families have purchased SUVs because they provide a great way to transport families and all their gear inside a vehicle that provides ample room for everyone.

SUVs also allow the driver to sit higher than other cars, enlarging their fields of view. This also means that other cars have more trouble seeing around SUVs because of their size—and SUV drivers may have trouble seeing the cyclists and pedestrians, especially children, underneath their fields of vision. SUVs can also roll over more easily because of their high centers of gravity.

Whether you own an SUV and suffered injuries in an accident or an SUV struck you in San Antonio, the law could entitle you to compensation. Speak with an experienced San Antonio SUV accident injury lawyer at George Salinas Injury Lawyers to find out your options. Our seasoned auto accident attorneys analyze what factors are important for your SUV accident claim below.


Types of SUVs That Can Injure You in San Antonio

While SUVs are generally larger than other consumer vehicles, they do come in three sizes:

  • Compact – Fuel-efficient models with smaller cabins and less storage space
  • Mid-size – Less fuel-efficient but offers more cabin and storage space
  • Full-size – Large engines, plenty of cabin space for five or more adults, and lots of storage space

People who purchase SUVs often find the convenience of one large vehicle outweighs the downsides of lower fuel efficiency. But SUVs are large, top-heavy vehicles. If you do not know how to control one, you can quickly end up in a single car accident, even rolling over. If your vehicle is hit by an SUV, it can cause catastrophic damage to not only your car but also your body.

When you suffer injuries in an SUV accident, you may have serious injuries that require astronomical medical costs. But you should not bear the burden of these costs because you did not cause the accident. Speak with a skilled San Antonio SUV accident lawyer as soon as possible to discuss your options for financial recovery.

The Inherent Dangers Caused by SUVs in San Antonio


SUVs provide benefits to the owners and drivers. The SUV allows the entire family to ride in one vehicle with plenty of personal and storage space. The SUV also sits the driver up higher giving them a better view of the road and what lies ahead.

SUVs also pose grave dangers to their occupants, as well as other drivers on the road. Because SUVs are so top-heavy, the SUV can easily roll over, causing injury and death to the driver and passengers.

SUVs are also deadly to pedestrians. The front of an SUV is larger and taller than the front of a regular car. When a pedestrian is struck by an SUV, more of their body takes the force of the impact. It is almost like the pedestrian is hit by a moving brick wall instead of a car. This impact causes catastrophic and often deadly injuries.

SUVs, because of their size, also have larger blind spots. This means that drivers are often unaware of other vehicles or pedestrians as they make a turn or change lanes. Maybe most importantly, SUVs also provide drivers a false sense of security. Because of their size, drivers and passengers feel invincible. While the SUV will provide them more protection than someone in a regular car, this feeling of invincibility can lead to an SUV driver taking more risks on the road, putting not only themselves and their passengers at risk, but also other drivers.

What Are Common SUV Accident Causes?

SUV accidents share similar causes with regular car accidents. Human error causes the vast majority of accidents.

Common causes of SUV accidents include:

Each of these accident causes has the potential to ruin a victim’s life.

What are the Most Common Injuries After SUV Accident?

If you have been involved in an SUV accident, you may suffer injuries including:

By their very nature, SUVs can cause more serious injuries. Victims of SUV accidents often face extremely high medical expenses because of the severity of their injuries and the medical procedures and attention needed for their recovery.

That’s why it is so important for you to speak with an experienced SUV accident lawyer as soon as possible after your accident. Your lawyer can help you recover compensation for your injuries so you do not have to pay out of pocket for your medical bills.

What Types of Compensation Can I Recover After My Accident?

Your lawyer may try to get compensation for you, including:

  • Pain and suffering
  • Emotional distress
  • Lost wages
  • Lost earning potential
  • Loss of companionship
  • Loss of life enjoyment
  • Present and future medical bills
  • Rehabilitation costs

You will need money to pay for your medical expenses. We know that no amount of money will undo your accident or take away your pain and suffering. But compensation will help to ensure that you do not get stuck paying for your medical expenses. You did not cause your accident, so you should not bear any responsibility for paying your medical bills.


As an SUV accident victim, you need to focus all of your effort and energy on your physical well being. The best way for you to do that is to not worry about your medical expenses and how you will pay your bills. Hand that stress off to your chosen legal advisor, who can work to collect every dollar you deserve. Reference our blog post that discusses “how much is your auto accident claim is worth?” to get a better understanding of the type of compensation you can expect from your SUV accident?


Our San Antonio SUV Accident Attorneys Can Help

Your ability to collect compensation for your SUV accident injuries can depend on the lawyer you choose. You want a lawyer with proven experience taking on the big insurance companies and their teams of attorneys, helping SUV accident injury victims like you collect maximum compensation for your suffering.

You have limited time to file a claim for damages against the at fault driver. If you or a loved one has suffered injuries in an SUV accident, consider speaking with an SUV accident attorney at George Salinas Injury Lawyers as soon as possible. You can reach us at 210-225-0909 or through our contact page. We look forward to hearing from you and finding out whether we can help you recover the compensation you deserve for your injuries.

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