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San Antonio has something for everyone. It is a beautiful city with the fabulous River Walk for enjoying a stroll or an outdoor meal in our fine weather, the historic Alamo, professional sports, a thriving art scene, and much more. Like any other city, however, San Antonio sees its share of accidents and injuries caused by defective or dangerous products. As a society, we’re dependent on a vast number of consumer products to help make our lives run more smoothly and sometimes, these products cause harm and injury. If a dangerous consumer product injured you or someone you care about, you need skilled legal counsel.

The Products in Our Lives

We lead busy lives, and we employ any number of consumer products to help us along the way. Some of these products sometimes lead to injury. In fact, there are several categories of products that are commonly associated with such injuries: household appliances, shelves and sheds, cleaning supplies, children’s toys, and car parts.

If a faulty or malfunctioning product that you’ve employed in your life leaves you injured, it can be overwhelming—and you may well be uncertain about where to turn for help. The experienced products liability lawyers at The Law Offices of George Salinas in San Antonio are here to assist you. Your claim matters and our dedicated legal team has the skill, knowledge, and commitment to help guide it toward its most positive resolution.

Household appliances. The appliances in our homes serve important roles, but they can also pose considerable dangers. Large appliances that aren’t in use are often tempting hiding spots and crawl spaces for children and pets. Children typically don’t understand the danger inherent to these machines, and as such, they can become entrapped and suffocate. Talk to your children about just how dangerous empty appliances are, and be hyper-vigilant when it comes to having unused appliances in your home. Ensure that any such appliances are carefully locked and inaccessible to children. Further, always check inside unused appliances before plugging them back in.

Household appliances can also pose tipping threats and electrical dangers. Appliance manufacturers are responsible for creating appliances that are safe for adults and children alike.

Cleaning supplies. Cleaning supplies are an important element in our everyday lives. Most of these products, however, are composed of toxic chemicals that make them potentially dangerous. Cleaning products and other chemical compounds in your home should always be clearly labeled and should have highly visible warning labels—so they aren’t used incorrectly, combined dangerously, or mishandled. Such products are known for their inherent dangers, and as such, they should be afforded careful attention. Keep all these products tightly sealed in a designated storage space that is difficult for children to access and that you can keep locked. Further, keep these cleaning supplies far from heat, flames, or anything flammable—to preclude dangerous explosions.

Several cleaning products are closely associated with dangerous accidents:

  • Bleach
  • Ammonia
  • Air fresheners
  • Carpet and upholstery shampoos
  • Dishwasher detergents (candy-like pods don’t help the matter)
  • Drain cleaners
  • Furniture polish

When manufacturers don’t adequately label these products, don’t include appropriate warnings, or don’t package the products in containers designed for safety, consumers can be injured.

Children’s toys. Toys are integral to our children’s lives, but sometimes toys are dangerous. Some toys are faultily manufactured with toxic paints that can poison children or with small parts that can break off and become choking hazards. Toys that are poorly constructed can also break into dangerously sharp pieces that pose a threat. We use toys to entertain and educate our children, and when a child is harmed instead, it is a very difficult situation.

Sheds and shelves. The very units that we use to store dangerous products and tools can, themselves, prove dangerous. Shelves and sheds that aren’t well constructed or that are faultily constructed can be extremely dangerous for those who unsuspectingly use them. We use these products to corral many of our other products, including household cleaners, tools, paint cans, and much more. Shelves and sheds are used for every manner of storage, and when they aren’t up to the task, they can leave consumers injured.

Auto parts. When you think about car accidents, you probably think about negligent drivers, but faulty car parts can also cause dangerous car accidents. Poorly designed or manufactured parts can lead to dangerous accidents and injuries. A variety of defective car parts are commonly associated with such accidents:

  • Tires
  • Brakes
  • Transmissions
  • Acceleration mechanisms
  • Wheel, axle, or steering components
  • Airbags

When these car parts aren’t up to the rigors of driving, they can leave the vehicle’s occupants at risk of serious injury.

Products liability claims are complicated, but if a faultily designed, manufactured, or labeled product has left you injured, your rights and your rightful compensation matter. Texas implements a statute of repose that restricts product liability claims to no later than 15 years after the date that the product was sold by the defendant. In essence, this establishes a legal lifespan for products sold in Texas.

When you spend your hard-earned money on a product that’s intended to enhance your life and it, instead, injures you in the process, it’s a very difficult situation. Your experienced San Antonio products liability attorney will help navigate your claim toward just compensation.

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