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Aggressive drivers often fail to take the safety of others on the road into account. They run red lights, speed, and accelerate or stop unpredictably, rather than going with the appropriate flow of traffic. Unfortunately, these aggressive driving behaviors can lead to serious accidents and substantial injuries.

According to the Texas Department of Transportation, aggressive driving behaviors, including speeding, failing to yield a right of way, unsafe lane changes, and road rage, accounted for a disproportionate share of auto accidents on Texas roads in 2017. Bexar County, home to San Antonio, accounted for nearly 2,000 speed-involved crashes, which resulted in 42 fatalities. If someone’s aggressive driving caused an injury to you or a loved one, you may need legal help to obtain the compensation you deserve. Contact George Salinas Injury Lawyers at 210-225-0909 to learn more about how we may help.


Why Chose the George Salinas Injury Lawyers After a San Antonio Aggressive Driving Accident?

After you suffer an injury in an aggressive driving accident, obtaining the services of a qualified attorney can make the difference in whether you recover the compensation you deserve through an out-of-court settlement or in front of a judge and jury.

George Salinas Injury Lawyers represents victims of aggressive driving accidents throughout the San Antonio area. Our clients benefit from the deep experience and strong reputation we bring to the negotiating table in their cases. Insurers and opposing counsel know we mean business because we have achieved large settlements and jury verdicts on our clients’ behalf in the past. While those past results cannot guarantee results in a future case, we can promise to work aggressively and diligently on behalf of each and every client we represent.

Common Aggressive Driving Injuries

Aggressive driving can lead to more serious accidents than other types of car accidents, because aggressive, unpredictable driver behavior gives other motorists, bikers, and pedestrians very little time to react. Common car accident injuries resulting from aggressive driving include:

  • Traumatic brain injury
  • Spinal cord damage
  • Organ damage
  • Amputations
  • Severe cuts and lacerations
  • Burns
  • Broken bones

Understanding Aggressive Driving Accidents

What constitutes aggressive driving? You may be surprised to learn that some “normal” driving behaviors put others at risk on the road. Aggressive, dangerous driving includes:

  • Speeding. Speeding increases the odds and severity of an accident. Speeding drivers have less time than those traveling the speed limit to stop or to avoid road hazards. Speeding can also frighten others on the road, causing them to react unpredictably.
  • Stopping or accelerating abruptly. Other motorists do not expect someone to stop and accelerate abruptly. Doing so increases the risk of a collision, and may also lead to even the safest drivers putting themselves in harm’s way.
  • Weaving in and out of traffic or cutting other drivers off. Many drivers weave through traffic in an effort to make up time. They may change lanes abruptly, even knowing that a fast lane change could cut off another driver. Unfortunately, abrupt lane changes make it difficult for other drivers to react appropriately.
  • Road rage. Road rage may include excessive use of the horn or “brake-checking” other drivers. Any driving behavior driven by anger poses an extreme danger to others on the road.
  • Ignoring traffic signals. Traffic signals, including stop signs and red lights, help direct traffic and keep everyone in their place on the road. Aggressive drivers, however, may ignore those traffic signals, putting them out of place on the road and in the way of other drivers.
  • Blocking other vehicles. Sometimes, aggressive drivers may attempt to prevent other drivers from moving as they need to on the road. If other drivers aren’t prepared for those reactions, it can increase the odds of an accident.

After Your San Antonio Aggressive Driving Accident: Recovering Damages


Aggressive driving frequently results in the driver facing civil and, potentially criminal, legal liability for causing an accident. A person injured in an accident caused by an aggressive driver usually has the right to seek compensation from the driver and/or his insurance company. In most cases, the damages recoverable include:

  • Current medical bills
  • Anticipated future medical expenses, including the cost of physical therapy
  • Pain and suffering
  • Lost wages
  • Lost earning potential

It is difficult to predict the size of a potential damage award in any given case. As mentioned above, no award is guaranteed. Also, a range of factors contribute to the size of an award, including the severity of the victim’s injury, the victim’s age, and health condition before the accident happened. Consulting with an experienced San Antonio car accident attorney is the most reliable way to assess potential damages in a particular case.

How Do Insurance Companies Attempt to Decrease or Avoid Liability?

Insurance companies play a significant role in almost every car accident matter. When an insurance company insures the aggressive driver who caused an accident, it may attempt to reduce its potential liability to accident victims by:

  • Shifting liability for the accident, in hopes of proving that someone other than their insured was responsible for the accident.
  • Offering a lowball settlement immediately after the accident, hoping to take advantage of victims in a moment of need.
  • Attempting to prove that car accident victims’ injuries did not result from the accident or that the victims do not need a specific type of medical care for their injuries.

Working with an attorney can help car accident victims get the most out of negotiations with insurance companies, increasing the odds that victims recover the compensation they deserve for their injuries.

Start Working With an Attorney in San Antonio Today

Many people injured in aggressive driving accidents worry that they cannot afford a lawyer. At George Salinas Injury Lawyers, we often take cases on a contingent fee basis in which we only receive payment for our services if we recover money for our client through a settlement or jury verdict. We also offer every potential client a free consultation to discuss the facts of their accident and whether we can help.

If you were injured in an accident with an aggressive driver, don’t wait to seek the legal support you need. Contact George Salinas Injury Lawyers today at 210-225-0909 to schedule a free consultation and learn more about your rights.

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