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All-terrain vehicles (ATVs) offer an exhilarating form of recreation that’s hard to replicate. They’re also highly functional vehicles used to accomplish practical tasks. People and workers use them to haul materials and traverse challenging landscapes. ATVs can go places that other vehicles can’t because of ATVs’ unique designs and features.

However, for many of these same reasons, operating an ATV is not without risk. Thousands of Americans sustain injuries in ATV accidents every single year.

Those who survive serious ATV crashes are often left with debilitating injuries that take months or years to heal, but the physical recovery is often just the beginning. Medical debt, job loss, and mental trauma often follow. The road back to normal is often long and arduous, depending on the circumstances. The first step for many is contacting an experienced San Antonio ATV accident lawyer.

At the Law Offices of George Salinas, we’ve built a practice dedicated to victims’ rights. We understand that each client has unique goals and objectives. The lawyer, as an advocate, is charged with vigorously representing the client’s interests with the utmost commitment to professionalism. In ATV accident cases, our approach is no different. We understand that folks don’t usually preemptively plan for the consequences associated with ATV accidents. One day, you’re just fine, and the next, your whole life has changed because of someone’s negligence. At the Law Offices of George Salinas, we know how to help victims of ATV accidents recover the compensation that they need to weather the new road ahead.

If you or a loved one has suffered injuries in an ATV accident, contact our firm today to explore your options for legal recourse. In the meantime, read on for more information about ATV accidents, ATV accident lawyers, and what’s required to bring an ATV accident lawsuit.

What Are the Most Common ATV Accident Injuries?

All-terrain vehicles are a source of recreation for thousands of people. Experienced drivers can take their ATVs on almost any kind of landscape and in any kind of weather. For many, ATVs are more than just a good time—indeed, their versatility is valued on worksites around the country. From lumberyards to construction sites, from farms to ranches, ATVs haul people and materials to and from otherwise inaccessible locales.

Although ATVs provide many benefits, the rise in the use of ATVs has coincided with a rise in ATV accidents. ATVs are built for versatility and durability, but they don’t offer riders much protection in an accident or crash. While helmets can significantly prevent injuries and death, ATV accidents are one of the leading causes of traumatic brain injuries. Since 2002, an average of 250 people has died in fatal ATV accidents each year. Despite efforts by manufacturers and policymakers to get a handle on the issue, the problem persists.

ATV crashes can result in a variety of debilitating injuries, including:

Recovering from a serious ATV accident could take months or even years; however, the physical recovery is often just one part of a long march back to normal. Victims also face medical debt, job loss, and mental trauma.

How Will Retaining a San Antonio ATV Accident Lawyer Help Me?

San Antonio ATV Accident LawyerATV accident lawyers assist individuals who have sustained injuries in ATV accidents because of the negligence or wrongdoing of another person or entity. The lawyer’s primary function is that of litigator. Attorneys help their clients file lawsuits to obtain compensation for the hardships they have suffered because of their accidents and resulting injuries. A successful lawsuit could result in a significant court award, with money granted to cover medical debt, lost wages, pain and suffering, mental trauma, and more.

Lawyers provide other services, as well. They can also negotiate settlement agreements with at-fault defendants and their insurance companies. Beyond that, lawyers provide candid advice and an empathetic voice during a time of extreme duress.

When Should I Speak With a Lawyer?

It’s important to get in touch with a San Antonio ATV accident lawyer as soon after your accident as possible.

Even if you don’t anticipate filing a lawsuit, your situation may change. Most lawyers offer a free initial consultation with no out-of-pocket cost to the client. This allows prospective clients to evaluate their legal options and determine their eligibility to pursue compensation for their injuries. If a San Antonio ATV accident victim decides to pursue legal action, he or she is better prepared and understands the legal options after speaking with an experienced attorney.

Victims should be wary of waiting too long to contact an attorney, as every state imposes a statute of limitations, which is the time limit during which a case must be filed, on all lawsuits.

Do I have a San Antonio ATV accident claim?

Determining whether you can bring a claim after an ATV accident requires evaluating the facts of a specific case.

Generally speaking, Texas ATV accident lawsuits stem from the theory of negligence. To sue another party for negligence, plaintiffs must prove that a defendant owed them a duty of care, that the defendant violated that duty of care, that the violation caused the accident, and that they suffered injuries and damages from the accident.

For example, if a distracted driver missed a stop sign and struck an ATV rider crossing a roadway to get to a worksite, the ATV rider could bring suit for negligence. The driver owed the rider a duty to drive safely and legally, violated that duty by running the stop sign, the violation caused the rider serious physical injuries, and these injuries can be assigned a substantial monetary value. In this situation, the rider would have a valid ATV accident claim against the driver.

What’s my San Antonio ATV accident case worth?

When evaluating a client’s case for the first time, a lawyer will focus on a few factors to determine the case’s value.

  • First, the lawyer will consider the client’s financial losses, such as medical debt and loss of wages. These are the easiest damages to prove and form the foundation of most lawsuits.
  • Second, the lawyer will evaluate the more abstract injuries suffered by the client, such as claims for pain, mental trauma, and loss of consortium.
  • Finally, if the circumstances of the case are such that the defendant engaged in especially egregious behavior, an attorney might consider whether a client can collect punitive damages.

Generally, a lawyer can assign a rough dollar amount to each of these claims to approximate a case’s total value.

How Do I Find the Right San Antonio ATV Accident Lawyer?

George Salinas San Antonio ATV Accident LawyerFinding the right lawyer can prove challenging. After all, the available options can make the selection process quite intimidating. At the Law Offices of George Salinas, we know what good lawyering looks like, and we encourage you to contact our offices. Regardless of who you decide to contact to discuss your case, here are a few things to keep in mind when choosing a lawyer.

Where to Look

Some people think that the best way to find a lawyer is on a billboard or via a TV commercial, but this isn’t the case. In fact, your friends and family are often some of the best resources available.

Most people need a lawyer at some point in their lives, including individuals in your inner circle. Ask around to see if your friends or family members have had a good experience with an attorney; perhaps those individuals can point you in the right direction.


General practitioners are becoming less and less common, as specialty practices become increasingly popular. With the ever-increasing complexity of lawsuits, lawyers tend to specialize in just a few different legal areas. It’s important to find an attorney that has considerable experience handling cases like yours.

In the ATV accident context, most lawsuits stem from the negligence or wrongdoing of another person or entity that caused the accident and in turn the plaintiff’s injuries.

Usually, the defendant is either another person (such as another driver or pedestrian) or the company that manufactured the ATV (if a defect in the vehicle caused the accident). It’s important that a lawyer not only specialize in a certain area of law, but also that he or she has experience handling specific cases similar to your own. You can determine this by perusing the firm website, reading reviews, or simply asking the lawyer about previous experience.


For some, the word lawyer conjures images of daunting legal bills. However, our San Antonio ATV accident lawyers work for a contingency fee. You will pay nothing unless we win compensation for you—and even then, we will only deduct a percentage of what we recover for you.

At the Law Offices of George Salinas, we understand the worry about spending any money after being seriously injured in an ATV accident. These accidents can change your life forever. The pastimes you once cherished may now seem out of reach. Maybe your cannot work and find yourself buried under a mountain of medical debt. Many victims are put out of work by their accidents, leaving them without any income to stave off the stacking medical bills.

In reality, hiring an attorney may prove to be the smartest financial decision you make. Hiring an attorney can help you recover the compensation you need, whether through settlement or a court award, to pay for all of the expenses that follow an ATV accident. At the Law Offices of George Salinas, we work hard to recover maximum compensation on behalf of every one of our clients.

ATV accident victims shouldn’t hesitate to take action. ATV accident lawsuits are often time-consuming and require extensive investigation. Unnecessary delays only prolong the time that victims must wait to receive compensation for their injuries. Furthermore, Texas imposes a limited time to file any kind of lawsuit, so failure to act promptly could mean permanently forfeiting the right to legal recourse. To start on your road to recovering compensation for your injuries, contact the Law Offices of George Salinas today.

Your San Antonio ATV Accident FAQs Answered

San Antonio ATV Accident FAQVictims have options for recovering compensation to cover the costs of their injuries. If the accident was caused by another party’s negligence or wrongdoing, injured individuals can file an ATV accident lawsuit and seek compensation for the hardship that they’ve endured.

Here at the Law Offices of George Salinas, we have extensive experience representing ATV accident victims. We understand the dire circumstances facing our clients and know what a successful lawsuit can provide for them and their families. With a deep commitment to professionalism and victim’s rights, we have achieved unparalleled results for the people we represent.

Unfortunately, many injured individuals lack basic information about ATV accidents and the legal options to collect compensation for the resulting injuries. Below, we provide the answers to some frequently asked questions about ATV accidents and ATV accident lawsuits. Read on for more information.

Why do ATV accidents happen?

Texas ATV accidents happen for many different reasons. Perhaps the driver of another vehicle wasn’t paying attention to the road, or wildlife in the road caused a distraction.

Maybe you rented an ATV for an adventure ride outside San Antonio, but the park personnel failed to provide training or equipment (like a good helmet) so you could safely ride it.

While there are many potential causes of ATV accidents, one common cause is mechanical failure. ATVs are complex, technical machines that incorporate some of the latest in automotive technology. Ensuring that all of an ATV’s parts are in working order is incumbent with safe riding.

Regardless of how diligent an ATV owner has been in maintaining his or her ATV, mechanical failures can cause severe ATV accidents. Whether the failure stemmed from a manufacturing defect or an improperly repaired ATV, these accidents can prove particularly traumatic, given that driver error played no role and that the accident was entirely preventable.

Who should I name as a defendant in my San Antonio ATV accident case?

Liability for an ATV accident can extend beyond the person immediately involved in the injury-causing event. For example, if the condition of the roads played a role in the accident, the government entity responsible for their upkeep may face liability. Or, if a design flaw in the ATV caused the accident, then the manufacturer of the ATV or defective part may also face liability.

Contacting an ATV accident lawyer is the best way to determine what parties to name as defendants in your Texas ATV accident claim. ATV accident attorneys are familiar with the applicable law and how to jump into a lawsuit, launch a thorough investigation to uncover the facts, and negotiate with defendants for favorable settlements.

Contact Our San Antonio ATV Accident Attorneys for Help

San Antonio Bicycle Accident Attorney George SalinasAt the Law Offices of George Salinas, we believe that a lawyer is more than just a legal professional in a fancy suit. We understand the challenges facing our clients and offer candid advice and an empathetic voice from the initial meeting to the case’s conclusion. Obtaining results for our clients is the primary reason that we practice law.

Victims shouldn’t wait too long to get started. ATV accident lawsuits often require an extensive investigation, which may take weeks or even months. Furthermore, Texas imposes a two-year statute of limitations on lawsuits. Don’t wait, contact the Law Offices of George Salinas today at (210) 225-0909 to determine your eligibility to pursue compensation through a San Antonio ATV accident claim.

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