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When you take to the open road in Texas, you also take on the awesome responsibility of helping to keep our roads safe for everyone. Unfortunately, car accidents are a fact of life, and many of these accidents are caused by the negligence of other drivers. Each time you buckle up, carefully consider your responsibility to drive safely and always adhere to safe driving practices.

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Driver Negligence

Negligent drivers abound, but they come in many different varieties, which can include aggressive drivers, distracted drivers, and impaired drivers. Such drivers put everyone’s safety at risk. If another driver’s negligence has caused you to be injured, contact an experienced Rio Grande City, Texas, car accident lawyer. The skilled car accident attorneys at The Law Offices of George Salinas are here to help, and we have the experience and dedication to aggressively advocate for your claims most just outcome.

While negligent driving can come in almost any form, there are a few categories that stand out:

Driving while Intoxicated

There’s absolutely no excuse for driving under the influence of alcohol – drivers know that it’s both dangerous and illegal – but many drivers can’t seem to let go of this deadly habit. Not for nothing are drunk drivers referred to as impaired drivers: they experience increased reaction times, diminished physical coordination, and poor judgment (as exhibited by the decision to drive in the first place). Any of these factors can render a driver unsafe.

Driving while Distracted

Distracted driving is becoming a major safety issue on our roads, and advancements in smartphone technology make these devices our number one distraction. Driving is obviously a complicated endeavor that requires a driver’s complete attention. When, instead, a driver divides his or her attention between competing priorities, that driver puts everyone in harm’s way. The federal government maintains a website that focuses solely on the dangers of distracted driving. Distracted driving is characterized as driving when your attention is concentrated on anything other than your primary responsibility of driving safely. These distractions are divided into three subcategories:

  • Visual distractions;
  • Manual distractions; and
  • Cognitive distractions.
  • Texting, as you can probably imagine, is the zenith of distractions; it engages your eyes, your hands, and your brain. Texting and driving should never go together.

Driving Aggressively

Aggression may be appropriate on the gridiron, but it has no place on our roadways. Aggressive drivers, nonetheless, are out there, and they’re among the most dangerous drivers on our roads. Learn to recognize the signs of aggressive driving:

Failing to drive safely, including stopping and/or slowing down unsafely, failing to obey traffic signals and signs, and failing to yield;

  • Tailgating;
  • Driving off the roadway to pass a vehicle on the right;
  • Weaving in and out of traffic;
  • Using aggressive and offensive gestures and language;
  • Honking the horn or flashing headlights unnecessarily; and
  • Speeding.

Drivers who engage in aggressive driving practices can be provoked by nearly anything, but that flip seems to be switched most often by what an aggressive driver perceives as another driver’s slight. Further, aggressive driving typically manifests as a series of aggressive maneuvers – rather than a single event. We’ve all seen a driver or two who weaves erratically while speeding and gesturing rudely. Aggressive drivers are out there.

The Dangers Inherent to Speeding

Speeding is perhaps the most dangerous – and most common – form of aggressive driving. As such, the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety reports that speed plays a critical role in almost a third of our nation’s traffic fatalities. When you spot a vehicle flying through traffic from behind, do what you can to stay safely out of that vehicle’s way.

Steering Clear of Aggressive Drivers

It’s established that aggressive drivers are dangerous drivers, and as such, it’s helpful to know what to do when you encounter these drivers:

  • Don’t retaliate – you’ll almost certainly make a dangerous situation even worse by doing so;
  • Don’t engage with aggressive drivers and give them plenty of space on the road (aggressive drivers are unpredictable);
  • Don’t make eye contact (it’s often interpreted as a challenge); and
  • If you’re ever approached by an aggressive driver who’s left his or her car, remain in your vehicle and don’t engage.

Your Rio Grande City Car Accident

Every car accident is unique, but they’re universally upsetting. If you’ve been involved in a car accident, you’re probably confused about what to do next. In such situations, it’s best to remain as calm as you possibly can and to proceed through the next logical steps:

Move Your Vehicle off the Road

Your first step is guided by Texas statute, which informs you that it is your duty to move your vehicle out of the line of traffic (if possible) and to aid anyone who might have been injured in the accident. Helping those in need is not only your duty but is also, obviously, the right thing to do.

Get out of Your Car

Once you’ve come to a complete stop in the safest spot you can manage, get out of your vehicle as quickly as possible – switch on your hazard lights and use safety flares (if feasible).

Aid Those in Need

If the accident’s left anyone injured, call 911 immediately. Minor injuries shouldn’t be discounted as they can quickly morph into something more serious.

Gather Evidence in Support of Your Claim

After you’ve dealt with the issues related to safety, it’s time to concentrate on your claim. Compile important evidence at the scene of the accident by taking pictures and/or videos with your phone that accurately depict how the accident happened, by noting any mitigating circumstances (such as bad road conditions or inclement weather), and by gathering eyewitness contact information and testimonies.

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