San Antonio Storm Damage

Those of you who live and work in the greater San Antonio and South Texas areas, we hope first and foremost that you’ve been staying safe during the recent hailstorms.

The damages caused by powerful storms can be terrible, causing destruction and loss to your property as well as to your finances. With these recent hailstorms, we’ve seen evidence of serious ruin; golf-ball sized hail is nothing short of overwhelming. Many properties, businesses, and particularly car dealerships, whose inventories exist out of doors, are having to contend with the insurance companies, trying to appraise damages after multiple storms have passed through the area over these last few weeks. According to news sources, the recent storms have been the “costliest in Texas history,” culminating in an estimated $1.36 billion in damages. Mysanantonio.com has the full story.

We at The Law Offices of George Salinas want to make sure that you are treated fairly and provided the support you need. We have a strong track record of representing individuals and families who have suffered damages from wind and hailstorms. This includes roof damage, water damage, wind damage, broken windows, electrical damage, shingle and siding damage, and the loss of personal items. We proudly represent people who are fighting to make the insurance companies pay what is fair and just.

It is our goal to stand up for you to ensure that your losses are reconciled and your property is repaired for your safety and the safety of your loved ones, all in a timely manner. Storm damage can be devastating, let alone adding to that the distress of dealing with your insurance and replacing your property. Insurance companies will be paying out to thousands of individuals and businesses over the next few months due to these storms; don’t let them take advantage of you in the process. If property you own has been damaged by the recent storms and you feel your insurance company is giving you the run around, please call us today at 210.225.0909. The Law Offices of George Salinas are here to fight for you.