Race for Seis!

In the last 25 years, the Spurs have made 24 trips to the Playoffs, and achieved 13 consecutive 50+ wins per season. Given how well our team has been performing over the last 15 years, it almost seems gratuitous to wish them well. In fact, the Spurs have the best regular season winning percentage of any team in the NBA. But as fervent Spurs fans here at The Law Offices of George Salinas, we’d like to officially say: Go Spurs Go! We’re proud to say you call San Antonio home. Who could ask for a better team?

When they’re not on the practice court, the Spurs, along with the WNBA’s Silver Stars, are involved with their non-profit partner, Silver & Black Give Back. Dedicated to engaging young people and fostering new talent to enrich our communities, players, coaches, and staff have offered youth sports programs like the Spurs Youth Basketball League and the youth-led service-learning program called the Team-Up Challenge (you can learn more about this by visiting the Spurs’ website). The great thing about these opportunities is how they can build positive character traits for young people in the San Antonio area, while giving them an outlet for physical and mental activities outside the classroom.

As a strong advocate for voices that have been overlooked and under-represented, we at The Law Offices of George Salinas identify with what the Spurs have sought to do. It is the mission and responsibility of those in a position to make a difference to be the spokesperson and proponent for individuals and groups with a need to be heard. We want to recognize the hard work, dedication, and commitment to win that the Spurs have given the people of San Antonio for the past 15 years. Go Spurs Go!