Talcum Powder

Talcum Powder has been a basic hygiene product in bathrooms and babies’ nurseries for generations. Made from a natural rock mineral that contains magnesium and silicon, it is ground into a fine powder which absorbs moisture and creates a soft, slippery texture. These tactile properties have been appropriated by the personal-care industry, utilizing the powder in products meant to prevent skin irritation, body odor, and skin chafing. Originally marketed in baby powders, adult body powders, and foot powders, manufacturers have recently veered towards female-specific marketing, suggesting that talcum powder is great for keeping cool, eliminating vaginal odors, and avoiding undergarment chafing.

An over-the-counter product, Talcum Powder has inserted itself into the American lifestyle as a staple product of cleanliness. Talcum Powder has even been used with birth-control such as diaphragms and certain condoms. Unfortunately, evidence of a connection between Talcum Powder and ovarian cancer has been building for the past few decades. While a natural mineral, talc is not one that the human body can break apart. Scientists believe that talcum particles enter a woman’s reproductive system through the vagina, and eventually reach the fallopian tubes and ovaries, where they become embedded. From their studies, researchers have confirmed that the risk of ovarian cancer in women who use Talcum Powder is 30% higher than in women who do not.

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