Profemur Hip Replacement

Joint issues, especially from knee and hips, can be a source of serious discomfort, pain, stiffness, and difficulty walking. Hip implants are intended to restore mobility and alleviate joint pain due to arthritis, bone degeneration, or injury. Manufactured by Wright Medical Group Inc., a subsidiary of MicroPort Scientific Corporation, the Profemur and Profemur Z Hip Stems are full titanium-alloy implants intended for total hip replacement in “skeletally mature patients.”

Unfortunately, Wright Medical has gone through numerous litigations involving its Profemur titanium hip. Patients have expressed that Profemur’s modular neck is prone to complications such as corrosion, fracturing, and the wearing away of the hip’s surface at contact points. The FDA has also advised that there can be other complications after surgery, including bone fracture, joint infection, local nerve damage, and bone loss. If you have experienced recurring symptoms from your hip replacement surgery for more than three months, including leg, hip, or groin pain, swelling near the hip joint, limping or a change in your ability to walk, or noise (popping, clicking, grinding, or squeaking) from the hip joint, your device may not be functioning properly.

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