Bair Hugger

The Bair Hugger, a single-use surgical warming blanket manufactured by the diversified manufacturing company 3M, is intended to assist anesthetized patients in regulating body temperature during surgical procedures. When under general anesthesia, a patient’s body temperature can drop quickly, which can increase the risk of unintentional hypothermia. The Bair Hugger is a forced-air warming system which consists of rows of inflatable tubes and a separate unit that pumps warm air into the tubes.

While the Bair Hugger has been in circulation for nearly thirty years, recent studies have expressed concern over the warming unit’s disturbance of contaminants on the floor of operating rooms, disrupting the flow of sterile air in the operating room. Waste heat from the warming unit can build up underneath the operating table, creating convection currents which stir up contaminants and allow them to embed themselves on tissue and implant surfaces exposed during surgery. The ultimate result of this contamination can lead to debilitating deep-joint infections and a need for corrective surgery.

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