Texting and Driving Bill Clears Senate

Below is an excerpt from "Bill to ban texting while driving clears Senate," published on the Texas Tribune, by Alana Rocha and Matthew Watkins. Read the entire article at https://www.texastribune.org/ Read More

Accident Pictures

In the event of an accident and any subsequent trial, those involved will need evidence that substantiates their case. Whenever police respond to an accident, they will collect statements from those i Read More

I’ve Been Injured at Work… Can I Sue?

In the past, employers were not legally obligated to provide protections to injured employees. If an employee was injured on the job, they were not protected in any way from losing their job and there Read More

Workers’ Compensation Eligibility

There are a few requirements that must be in place in order for you to be eligible to receive workers compensation benefits. Workers compensation is simply a form of insurance that provides injured em Read More

Motorcycle Safety Tips

Roads and highways are dangerous places. Every year, over 37,000 people in the US die in road crashes. That’s an average of just over 100 fatalities each day. Being on a motorcycle in that environme Read More

Driving on the Phone… Bad Call

The world that we are living in is fast paced. In just a generation, the speed and methods of communication have changed dramatically. Just twenty years ago, you had to wait to get home to check your Read More

An Attorney Makes the Difference

The internet is full of all kinds of videos of people faking injuries at some big box store in order to try to get money out of the corporate Goliaths in our culture. These kinds of scams make it into Read More

Car Accident? What Next?

Car accidents are a common occurrence. There are millions of car accidents every year and unfortunately, many of those result in personal damages, pain, and, unfortunately, loss of life. Approximately Read More