The Top Risks for Motorcyclists in Austin

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Riding a motorcycle is always more dangerous than driving a car or other enclosed vehicle. That doesn’t mean, however, that you shouldn’t expect to be as safe as possible when you’re out on the Austin streets. If you’re driving a motorcycle throughout the Austin area, make sure that you’re familiar with these key risks and how they can impact your ride.

Risk #1: Other Drivers

Unfortunately, other drivers—especially those that are distracted behind the wheel—remain one of the biggest hazards for motorcycle drivers. If an automobile driver misses a motorcycle’s presence, the consequences can be devastating. The busy Austin streets are often a hazard for motorcycle riders. Keeping an eye out for those potential dangers is critical for bikers who want to stay safe. Cars waiting to turn or changing lanes are particularly important to note, since they’re more likely to pull out without realizing that you’re there. Motorcycle drivers must also keep a close eye on oncoming traffic, since a momentarily distracted driver can be a serious hazard.

Risk #2: Opening Car Doors

When you’re stuck in the middle of city streets, it’s not just the cars that are actually on the road that you have to watch out for. Dooring accidents can be incredibly serious, especially for motorcycle riders, who have little protection from these doors or from the road. If you’re driving down busy Austin streets, especially streets with parking to the side, keep an eye out for opening car doors at all times.

Risk #3: Sharp Turns

Sharp turns are more dangerous on a motorcycle than they are on other types of vehicles. One wrong lean, and suddenly, your motorcycle is tipping over. As you’re navigating twisty roads and sharp curves, take it slow! Better to ease down your speed than to be involved in an accident.

Risk #4: Gravel and Other Hazards on the Road

No one knows quite like a motorcycle rider just how dangerous minor hazards on the road can be. From gravel to grass clippings, small hazards in the road that are often ignored by larger vehicles can cause serious accidents for motorcycle riders. These minor hazards can be slick under the wheels of the bike, leading to serious problems—especially in bad weather.

Risk #5: Bad Weather

Bad weather is bad enough when you’re driving a car. For motorcycle drivers, it’s even worse. Not only does bad weather, including rain and high winds, make it more difficult for you to navigate a much smaller vehicle, you may find that it is more distracting to other drivers around you, which puts you at a much higher level of risk. If possible, avoid riding your motorcycle in bad weather to help minimize the potential for accidents. If you must ride, know when to pull over to allow a bad storm or cloudburst to pass.

You do your best to avoid the risks associated with riding your motorcycle, but it can be difficult to avoid them completely. If you’ve been injured in a motorcycle accident, call The Law Offices of George Salinas at (512) 851-1004 or contact us online to learn how we can provide aid during this difficult time.