When to Get a Personal Injury Lawyer

Why Quick Action Matters

When to Get a Personal Injury LawyerA car accident is a traumatic event that can leave you seriously injured and very confused. A personal injury lawyer can assist you with a claim and lawsuit as you recover from your injuries. The sooner you contact an attorney, the better for you, your lawyer, and the potential outcome of your legal action. While your personal injury lawyer cannot predict the outcome of your case, he or she will fight hard to achieve the best results possible.

After the Impact

Once the impact of a car accident is over, the impact on your life begins. The chaos of first responders, witnesses, and other drivers and then doctors, nurses, and tests that follow an accident can be overwhelming.

Before you receive transport to the hospital, you may feel like apologizing to the other driver for the accident. Feeling compassion is understandable when others are hurt, but insurance companies can sometimes misinterpret an apology as an admission of guilt or fault.

Refrain from speaking with the other driver. Determining liability for your accident injuries is something a personal injury lawyer can do on your behalf. You may not know who was at fault until you receive the official police report.

Remain calm, and if your injuries allow you, collect evidence such as:

  • Contact information for the other driver and any eyewitnesses; and
  • Pictures and video of the accident scene, including the surrounding area and your injuries.

A bystander can help you if you need assistance. Make a sincere effort not to share details of your accident with others, especially on social media. An insurance company may use any contradictory information to blame you for the accident and your injuries.

Collecting as much evidence at the scene as possible can help your personal injury claim and lawsuit later. Protecting the details of your accident is another smart way to prepare for your potential claim and lawsuit.

Before You Accept a Settlement

An insurance company may offer you a settlement right away. Your unpaid bills and lack of income may entice you to accept their offer. After all, the settlement typically seems like a large sum, but unfortunately it is usually not large enough to cover all of your damages.

Medical costs are expensive and you may be susceptible to complications due to your injuries. Accepting a settlement closes your personal injury claim. The consequence is it is usually impossible to pursue legal action later to cover additional expenses.

Insurance adjusters are sometimes aggressive in their tactics. They contact accident victims soon after a crash when they are most vulnerable. A personal injury lawyer can counter their tactics as they negotiate for a fair settlement.

Some personal injury cases require going to trial. If this happens with your case, hiring an attorney with courtroom experience can protect your best interests.

If you suffered serious injuries due to another driver’s negligent actions, consider hiring a personal injury lawyer as soon as possible. When an insurance adjuster contacts you, refer them to your attorney.

You Can Afford a Personal Injury Lawyer

Legal fees should not stop you from seeking the services of a personal injury lawyer. Almost all personal injury lawyers work on a contingency fee basis. This means the lawyer collects their fee only if and when they win your case. Most personal injury lawyers also offer a completely free initial case consultation, where you can learn if the law entitles you to seek compensation for your injuries.

Accident victims can breathe easier knowing there is no deposit or retainer required to hire an attorney to represent you in your car accident case. An experienced lawyer can investigate your accident and identify all parties who may be liable for your harm.

Why Time Matters

The law limits the time you have to file a personal injury lawsuit to two years in most cases. Failure to file your case within this timeframe may prevent you from ever receiving compensation for your injuries. A serious crash changes your life drastically. Time can pass quickly as you learn to adjust to your injuries. Focusing on your recovery should top your to-do list—not phone calls, paperwork, and interviewing witnesses.

Personal injury law is quite complex. Your medical appointments, procedures, and financial stress can prevent you from having the time to build your case. A personal injury lawyer is ready to get to work on your behalf and can build your case for you. Their knowledge of state law and insurance company tactics can serve as a strong foundation for your case. Your personal injury lawyer will work to get you the best results possible.

Time is not on your side; however, a personal injury lawyer will stand by your side throughout your civil case.

Personal Injury Lawyers Can Help You

Hiring a lawyer to represent you cannot fix your immediate problems. It can, however, serve as the starting point for pursuing justice and possible compensation.

Your lost wages, medical bills, and pain and suffering are not fair. The party responsible for your life changes should pay for your damages—not you. A personal injury lawyer can fight for your best interests in or out of court.

Days, weeks, and months blur when you experience car accident injuries. A lawyer can provide your case with the dedicated focus necessary to battle insurance companies reluctant to pay you fair compensation.

You are not alone as you recover from your traumatic event. A car accident can happen anywhere and at any time. If you or a loved one suffered serious injuries due to a reckless driver, a personal injury lawyer can assist you.

George Salinas

George Salinas, Personal Injury Lawyer

Consider reaching out to a lawyer today for a free case consultation. You have nothing to lose by learning if you have a case and how to proceed. You may find yourself breathing easier once you know your case is in good hands.

Personal injury lawyers help victims with civil cases. Should the responsible party face criminal charges, a criminal trial does not influence your personal injury case.

A driver’s license is a privilege that far too many drivers abuse. Give careful thought to contacting a personal injury lawyer today. You may find that your case contains the elements required by the law for pursuing compensation for your damages.

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