Shining a Light on an Historical Achievement

Lucky is the person who can find fulfillment and achievement both at work and in play. This is the case of our very own Of Counsel colleague Humberto Garcia.

Recently, Humberto was acknowledged in a Proclamation issued by the Mayor Pro Tem of the City of Del Rio, Texas. He is no stranger to accolades in his legal profession, but this Proclamation was for another achievement – author of a book that captured and analyzed an important event that happened in Del Rio in 1957.

Humberto was born and raised in the San Felipe area of the City of Del Rio, a border town in Texas. The son of migrant farm workers, he experienced discrimination of both his ethnicity and his economic status. Undeterred, Humberto earned his Doctorate of Jurisprudence in 1978 from the University of Texas in Austin. During his studies, he was introduced to the game of golf.

Historically, golf was known as a businessman’s game. Lots of money is spent for golf clubs, country club dues, and the privilege of doing business with other like-minded movers and shakers of the community. This was especially true in 1957, when four Mexican-American high school students were recruited to play on their high school’s first golf team, the San Felipe Mustangs.

These four boys worked as caddies at the local golf course and were somewhat familiar with the game, but had inadequate equipment, no real access to a practice area, no coaching, and no playing experience. Disregarding all that, they went on to win enough golf tournaments to eventually participate for the State title, which they won by 35 strokes.

Humberto learned about their story and decided it needed to be told to a wider audience outside of San Felipe and Del Rio. This was a story of overcoming obstacles, not letting bias or stereotypes define abilities, and believing that everyone deserves the opportunity to fulfill their dreams. This story became a book titled “Mustang Miracle,” and the book has now been optioned for a movie. The Proclamation issued by Del Rio’s Mayor Pro Tem was to announce that October 30, 2020, was to be officially recognized as The Mustang Miracle Day.

Humberto and one of the four men from this history-making team were both honored during the announcement of the Proclamation. George Salinas Injury Lawyers adds its appreciation to Humberto for documenting this historical event. Well done, Humberto!

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