Megabus Accidents: Dangers Posed by Megabus and Other Large Buses

Megabus accidents in San Antonio

Long-distance travelers turn to bus transportation when they want to travel economically, or enjoy a convenient and less stressful means to get to their destination without the hassle of driving themselves. Megabus has become an attractive option for many bus travelers in Texas and across America due to its wide range of bus stop location options and affordable rates. However, over the years, these buses have gained notoriety for their frequent involvement in bus crashes. Several Megabus passengers have suffered serious injuries and even death after accidents.

San Antonio, a Hub for Megabus

With many low-cost ticket options from the city of San Antonio, it is easy to see why many bus travelers within Texas choose this budget bus line for their travel needs. San Antonio serves as a starting bus stop for journeys throughout Texas including to Austin, Dallas, and Houston. Travelers can reach their final destination after a short trip or board another Megabus to reach cities across the country. But these massive double-decker buses sometimes present more trouble than passengers expected, getting in accidents that cause passengers serious or fatal injuries.

Dangers Posed by Megabus and Other Large Buses

A quick search on the internet for Megabus crashes will return images and accounts of accidents across the U.S. As a central Texas location, San Antonio serves as a throughway for many travelers and commuters within the state and those journeying onwards to other destinations. As a major bus stop along with the Megabus route map, San Antonio bus passengers are at increased risk of becoming involved in a Megabus accident.

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration reports that in a given year there are over 170,000 injured victims of large truck or bus accidents across the U.S. Unlike a crash between passenger vehicles, where no more than a few people are often involved, it is normal for dozens of people to risk injury or death in a given Megabus crash. Megabus and other large buses are at increased risk of devastating accidents.

Common causes of large bus accidents include:

Bus Driver Inexperience

A rookie bus driver carrying passengers on a massive bus is a reason for anyone to feel anxious or nervous about traveling on a Megabus. But driver’s experience isn’t ever something that’s reported in the departure announcements. Driver inexperience can often cause a bus accident when reasonable care, decision-making, and judgment of the bus driver could have averted the accident. The handling of these large vehicles is difficult for many reasons, such as the fact that they are more susceptible to rollovers and fires. Inexperienced bus drivers, as new to their routes as their tourist passengers, may also make the dangerous mistake of underestimating the massive bus’s height and weight and may lead to tragic accidents with other vehicles, or on bridges, tunnels, or overpasses.

Bus Driver Fatigue

In general, the transportation industry is the shipment of goods or people, is known for being a high-pressure work field. Bus drivers are often subject to long hours, little rest time, and intense pressures from employers to reach destinations on time, regardless of the obstacles, weather conditions, or other hazards that may require delays along the way. Fatigue can cause catastrophic accidents when a driver is too tired to focus on the challenges of the road ahead.

Poor Bus Maintenance

Companies such as Megabus are known for their cheap prices, but low-cost tickets must come at a price somewhere. Unfortunately, it is not uncommon for bus companies to cut corners to save money. They may fail to conduct frequent or sufficient maintenance of their buses, and potential safety issues could be overlooked or attention-delayed to cut costs. This can result in catastrophic mechanical failures or equipment malfunctions, such as tire blowouts and faulty brakes, which can subsequently cause fires or accidents with other vehicles or structures.

What Type of Injuries Can Occur in a Megabus Crash?

Passengers in Megabus crashes are at risk of a wide range of injuries that can affect their lives in significant ways. Bus accident passengers can face overwhelming expenses and impacts after an accident—missed work, unexpected and hefty medical expenses and treatment, and prolonged pain and suffering.

The design and nature of a Megabus place many people close to one another, which can cause serious and multiple injuries to all involved. It is common for some passengers on long-distance bus rides to not be buckled in when an accident occurs, which further increases the risk of severe and fatal injuries.

Common injuries found in passengers of bus accidents include:

What Damages are Available in a Megabus Accident?

After an injury in a Megabus accident, you will likely face unexpected impacts on your life that can cause immense stress for you and your family. Many instances of bus crashes can be attributed to the negligence of a bus driver or the bus company. If you or a loved one are injured you may be entitled to compensation under the law, also referred to as damages.

Recovery of damages in a Megabus accident can include:

  • Incurred and anticipated future medical expenses
  • Current impacts to income as well as impacts to your potential future income
  • Pain and suffering from your injuries and the accident
  • Cost to replace or repair personal property lost or damaged in the accident

Contact Experienced Bus Accident Lawyers

After you are in a bus accident, you may not know what steps you can take to recover compensation for your losses and protect your legal rights. If so, one of your priorities after a Megabus accident must be to contact an experienced bus accident injury lawyer. An attorney can discuss with you the specifics of your case including the facts of the accident, your injuries, and the potential damages you may deserve.

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