Important Information for Work Injury Victims


Dealing With Your Employe

Your employer should be prepared to handle the aftermath of a workplace accident and injury. If you’re injured on the job, you should immediately report the injury to your employer and inform them if you need medical attention and treatment. Your employer should never try to stop you from seeking the medical treatment you need after a work injury.

While workers’ compensation claims can increase insurance costs for companies, your employer should never try to deter you from filing a claim for benefits you deserve. If your employer takes action to try to stop you from filing a rightful workers’ compensation claim, they can face penalties under state workers’ compensation laws. If you feel at all intimidated about making a claim, you should immediately call an experienced Texas work injury attorney for assistance. We can protect your rights to the benefits your deserve.

The Insurance Company’s Role after a Work Injury

A workers’ compensation insurance company has some primary and interrelated responsibilities to the injured worker. These include to promptly handle all claims, provide rightful benefits, and to deal with you in good faith. Insurance companies are not allowed to use tactics that are frivolous or solely intended to cause unnecessary delay in paying your benefits and, if they do, they may incur penalties, expenses and attorney’s fees as a result of a delay.

Dealing With Your Doctor

It is important to make sure that you aware of what medical care you are entitled to receive and how you are to receive it. The treating physician and primary care doctor is vital to your case. The primary treating physician can prescribe medication, refer you to other physicians, take you off work or return you to light-duty work, or order whatever medical necessary care is needed.

It is important that you give each and every doctor you see an accurate history of your injury and the facts surrounding the accident or injury on your initial visit. You should also make sure to give a complete and accurate history of any prior related medical conditions that the doctor inquires about. Any exaggeration of your condition or attempts to conceal a pre-existing condition may be used against you to deny your claim.

There are many players involved in a workers’ compensation claim and dealing with your employer, your doctors, and an insurance adjuster can easily become overwhelming. Your focus should be on your physical recovery from your injury and you should allow our skilled legal team to handle the workers’ compensation process on your behalf. We know how to prove that you deserve full benefits to cover your medical bills, lost wages, and other relevant losses.

Call an Experienced Texas Workers’ Compensation Attorney

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