When to Hire a Truck Accident Attorney

TX Truck Accident LawyerUnfortunately, collisions between passenger vehicles and large trucks on the road are a common occurrence. In recent years, over 4,000 accident fatalities can be attributed to accidents involving large trucks. Nearly 100,000 Americans are injured by one of these massive vehicles every day. Recent annual fatalities linked to large truck crashes have been higher than those reported in the last three decades. Truck accident victims need access to resources for recourse.

A Dedicated Attorney Can Assist You if You Experienced a Truck Accident

One of the resources available to accident victims is a trustworthy and experienced personal injury attorney. Truck accident attorneys—like all personal injury attorneys—work together with their clients to help them seek compensation for damages. Injured victims may be entitled to seek compensation for medical bills, emotional pain and suffering or mental anguish, and property damage.

What Injuries Do Truck Accident Victims Sustain?

When inclement weather conditions contribute to causing the initial accident, multiple accidents may follow. Recently, police officers were investigating a two-vehicle accident scene when four additional accidents occurred.

The foggy weather conditions decreased driver visibility causing a tractor-trailer to jackknife when it unexpectedly approached the accident and tried to stop. Following that accident, a second tractor-trailer jackknifed when an SUV negligently merged in front of it. The second tractor-trailer rolled over and hit a police officer and a driver in a pickup truck. The police officer and the driver of the pickup truck were rushed to the hospital.

When the second tractor trailer truck rolled over, it hit several other vehicles in the process. In this case, none of the victims involved, including the truck driver, expected to be in an accident. However, when conditions are poor and another vehicle accident causes obstacles on the roadway, the consequences can be catastrophic. In these circumstances, a single accident can contribute to multiple additional collisions.

The extent of your injuries should not be the determining factor when deciding whether to hire a truck accident attorney. However, more severe or complex injuries may necessitate more legal support than relatively minor injuries. If you experienced catastrophic injuries or the accident occurred in unique circumstances, it’s especially important to get in contact with a personal injury attorney.

Unfortunately, many truck accident victims sustain severe and complex injuries. Even an average car accident involving two passenger vehicles can cause serious injury and extensive property damage. The sheer weight and size of a large commercial truck can, unsurprisingly, cause catastrophic damage.

Common truck accident injuries include:

  • Broken bones (including compound fractures)
  • Burns
  • Traumatic brain injuries (TBIs)
  • Loss of a limb or sensation
  • Spinal cord, neck, and back injuries
  • Internal bleeding
  • Loss of life

Injuries like these can easily lead to weeks or months in the hospital. While that may seem like a long time, it doesn’t even account for the recovery time and discomfort victims will experience at home. Some people who survive car accidents never fully recover from their injuries. Truck accidents are almost always terrifying traumatic events. Oftentimes, they have life-altering consequences. Truck accident victims have a right to pursue compensation and accountability from the responsible parties.

Common Trucks on the Roadways

Every time we get behind the wheel, we are likely sharing the roadway with at least one large commercial truck. Whether you’re on a long trip down the freeway or going on a jaunt to the grocery store, there’s a good chance you’ll see several large trucks.

Some examples of the types of large trucks that you may encounter include:

  • Semi-trucks (semi-trailer trucks) – Semi-trucks are among the most common types of commercial trucks. They consist of two separate parts: a strong towing engine and a large cargo trailer.
  • Eighteen-wheeler trucks – Eighteen-wheeler trucks are a type of semi-truck. As their name implies, they operate on eighteen wheels.
  • Tanker trucks – Tanker trucks can be seen at any suburban, highway, country, or city gas station. They are designed to transport gases and liquids safely; usually, the materials they house are hazardous.
  • Garbage trucks – It is impossible to escape garbage trucks chugging down the road on weekday mornings. Most of us never anticipate getting into an accident with one, but people are injured in crashes involving these vehicles every day.
  • Dump trucks – Dump trucks are designed to carry loose materials and are commonly used in the construction industry. Due to their numerous blind spots, dump trucks are frequently involved in backup accidents.

When Is it Time to Hire a Truck Accident Attorney?

It’s a good policy to take advantage of a free consultation with an attorney as soon as possible after your accident. Victims who have a truck accident attorney’s advice from the outset of their case may have better chances of bringing a successful claim. Experienced personal injury attorneys regularly fight for the rights of injured victims to seek the compensation they are entitled to.

Some cases really require an attorney. Typically, extreme cases are complex and navigating the claims process without an attorney would be ill-advised. If your accident involves catastrophic injuries, extensive damages, or costs that require a significant payout you should consider speaking with a skilled attorney. You should hire a truck accident attorney as soon as you believe you may have a case.

An attorney will especially benefit you if your accident involves the following circumstances:

  • Severe injuries or physical damage – The longer your physical recovery takes, the more complex your case may be. You may also receive more compensation than you may have otherwise to account for additional medical bills. Severe injuries can turn a simple case into a complicated legal process.
  • A business’ vehicle was involved – Whether it’s a commercial semi-truck or a small chain’s delivery van, getting into an accident with a company vehicle can complicate the legal process. Perhaps a company vehicle was involved. Then the responsible parties may include the vehicle driver, the company that maintains the vehicle, or the fleet operator.

Hire a Truck Accident Attorney With a Commitment to Helping Truck Accident Victims

Your life is about more than your truck accident. After your truck accident, though, you will need help regaining the quality of life you enjoyed beforehand. Look for a law firm whose team has decades of education and experience, and is well-poised to partner with clients like you in their pursuit of justice.

If you’d like to learn more about how legal representation can help you, contact a truck accident lawyer for a free consultation to determine whether his or her services are the best fit for your case. Remember, you deserve recognition and compensation for your injuries. You also deserve to live a life without worry.

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