Texas Church Bus Accidents

Posted on: Fri Jun 18
Texas Church Bus Accidents

Texas church bus accidents can result in catastrophic damage and losses to the passengers involved. As a passenger of a church bus accident, you are likely not at fault for the injuries you have sustained, and you may be entitled to financial compensation from the parties responsible.

What Do the Speeding Statistics in Texas Say?

Posted on: Wed Mar 31

Speeding kills or severely injures many people throughout Texas, including those in passenger vehicles, pedestrians, motorcyclists, and bicyclists. People speed for various reasons, whether because they are upset, in a hurry, driving under the influence, or driving while distracted. Regardless of the reason, speed still kills, and it is not particular about who it targets … Continue reading “What Do the Speeding Statistics in Texas Say?”

Texas Neck Injury Lawyer

Posted on: Sun Aug 25

Neck injuries happen all the time. Whether they are caused by falls, work injuries, or car accidents, they can nonetheless result in serious complications. If another person’s negligence caused your accident, you have the right to pursue compensation through an experienced personal injury attorney for your medical bills and expenses, lost wages, pain and suffering, … Continue reading “Texas Neck Injury Lawyer”

Texas Motorcycle Laws

Posted on: Fri Jul 19
Texas Motorcycle Laws

Texas has several motorcycle laws to help bikers stay safe on the roads. But, unfortunately, other drivers often don’t look out for motorcycles. Frequently after an accident the other driver says they didn’t see the motorcycle. While it does take some of the fun out of riding, constantly watching for people who might not see … Continue reading “Texas Motorcycle Laws”