Hazards That Can Cause Swimming Pool Accidents

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With warmer weather on its way, many kids will look forward to spending the afternoon at the pool. Whether you are visiting a public pool, a hotel pool, or a pool at a friends house, remain aware of the many different hazards that can result in harmfulor even deadlyswimming pool accidents. Knowing the accident risks can help you prevent injuries in the first place, and it can also help you realize when you may have legal rights following an accident.

Whether a swimming pool is public or private, owners have the duty to properly maintain the area in and around the pool and to meet all safety standards, many of which are set out by law. The requirements for a safe swimming pool include:

Barriers – There is always the risk of a small child wandering away from parents and into a pool area, which can lead to falling into the pool and drowning or coming close to drowning. To prevent this, pool owners should always install proper barriers around a pool without spaces or gaps through which children may fit. The gate or other entrance to the pool should lock in a way that small children cannot open.

Slip and fall hazards – Items left out around a pool can cause someone to slip and fall. Not only can slip and fall victims fall to the ground and hurt themselves, but they also may fall into the pool. If they hit their heads, they may lose consciousness while in the pool, which can lead to tragic accidents.

Sharp surfaces – Swimmers may not comfortably grab the side of a pool or put their feet down in a pool with sharp surfaces at its edge or within it, which can lead to an accident.

Chemicals – Using the wrong chemicals or the wrong amount of chemicals can put swimmers at risk of suffering skin reactions, toxic exposure, or infections or illnesses, either from the chemicals themselves or from organisms in the water.

Drain covers – Specific federal regulations govern pool and hot tub drain covers, because inadequate or ill-fitting drain covers can suck a swimmer under the water and they can get stuck in the drain.

Warning signs – Pool owners should consider any possible hazards that may exist or rules they need and post clear signs stating these warnings to swimmers. Warnings may include that there is no lifeguard on duty, no diving zones, depth markers, prohibitions of glass or other possible hazards in the pool area, and more.

When pool owners do not abide by their duty of care and your child is injured in or around a swimming pool, you should discuss your rights with a Texas personal injury lawyer as soon as possible.

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