Driving and using the phone is a common cause of car accidents in the US

The world that we are living in is fast paced. In just a generation, the speed and methods of communication have changed dramatically. Just twenty years ago, you had to wait to get home to check your messages to see what calls you missed while you were out. These days, however, technological advancements in the cellphone industry have made it so that we get our calls all day long. Additionally, because your phone is essentially a computer now, you can keep up with your email, text messages, social media feeds, etc. in the palm of your hand.

Cell Phones  lead to dangerous distracted driving

All of this convenience presents daily challenges and temptations to drivers. The expediency of information leads drivers to believe that they need to stay on top of things while they are behind the wheel. The digital age has led us to believe that time in the car is costly downtime and the only way to compensate for it is to use our phones behind the wheel which leads to dangerous distracted driving.

The counter argument that some have made is that there have always been distraction for drivers like the radio, applying makeup, eating, etc., but new data is showing that people who are distracted by their phones while they are driving are displaying a different kind of effect from this kind of distracted driving. Ioannis Pavlidis, a computer science professor at the University of Houston say that, “The driver’s mind can wander and his or her feelings may boil, but a sixth sense keeps a person safe at least in terms of veering off course, what makes texting so dangerous is that it wreaks havoc onto this sixth sense.” So texting and using the phone to stay on top of email, social media, etc while driving not only distracts the driver, but short circuits your ability to react and respond because your awareness is utterly compromised.

Deaths related to phone use while driving are on the rise

The number of deaths related to phone use while driving are on the rise. 1 in 5 adults admit to using their phone while driving and many states are outlawing these reckless practices. You should know that phone use while you are driving not only puts you at risk of accident, serious injury, or death, but it also puts you at risk legally if your recklessness results in the damage of others’ property, injury, or their death.

Consider the risks and develop the discipline to make the right call when it comes to cell phone use while driving. It may just save your or someone else’s life and keep you from suffering the legal consequence.

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