Common Slip and Fall Injuries and Losses

Slip and fall injuries

A regular shopping trip can easily turn into a life-changing event, for people who slip and fall. Slips and falls may not sound serious, but they can result in shockingly severe injuries that can suddenly damage your body and life in extensive ways. People may hit their heads or other body parts on shelves, the ground, or other nearby objects—resulting in traumatic injuries. Alarmingly pricy medical costs and other losses can stem from slip and fall injuries.

Know the Risks

During the holidays, the risk of slip and fall accidents in stores often increases. Crowds grow, and store staff may fail to clean up debris or items that customers leave on the floor. If winter weather hits San Antonio, people may drag in water from ice or snow, which employees may not clean up in timely ways. Liquid spills and puddles are a primary cause of slips and falls—especially in busy stores where customers may not closely watch where they walk.

While we always hope that serious injuries will ruin nobody’s holiday season, knowing the types of injuries and losses that can result from slip and fall accidents may help to prevent them. Common injuries include:

One second, you are focused on your shopping, and, the next, you could wind up in an ambulance.

Serious injuries may cost victims in many different ways. Losses commonly incurred by slip and fall victims include:

Medical bills – The astronomical costs of even a single doctor’s appointment may seem tiny compared to the overwhelming bills of emergency treatment. In addition, many injuries may require ongoing treatments, including follow-up visits, surgical procedures, medical equipment, physical therapy, and more.

Lost income – If you need to spend time in the hospital after an injury, you obviously can’t work during that time and may lose wages you would have earned. In addition, back injuries, brain injuries, broken bones, and other serious injuries can prevent you from properly completing your job duties, especially if your job is physical in nature. Lost wages can add up quickly and cause serious financial difficulties.

In addition to the above losses, slips and falls may also cause you pain and suffering or may leave you with lasting impairments, for which you may seek compensation from the party that caused your fall.

Discuss a Possible Claim with a San Antonio Premises Liability Attorney

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