What to Check for After a Bicycle Crash

Important Steps Following a Traumatic Collision

What to Check for After a Bicycle CrashThe impact of striking a vehicle, the roadway, or another hard surface in a bicycle crash can cause devastating injuries. The injuries you suffer may require a lengthy recovery and leave you unable to work. Protective gear and defensive riding practices may do little to protect you from a drunk or otherwise dangerous driver.

If you suffer injuries due to a traumatic bicycle crash, contact an experienced bicycle accident attorney as soon as possible to discuss whether you qualify to seek compensation from the at-fault driver.

Your Bicycle Crash Injuries

A bicycle ride can turn tragic in a second, leaving you with no time to avoid the crash. Unlike in motor vehicles, there are no airbags, seatbelts, or other safety devices to protect you from harm.

The forceful impact of a crash can throw you from the bike and against a vehicle, road, or building. If possible, remain still as you or witnesses call for help. Assess your body for injuries and try to staunch any bleeding.

The following injuries commonly take place in bicycle crashes:

  • Broken bones: Depending upon the break, a rider may face extensive rehabilitation or multiple surgeries.
  • Head trauma: A severe brain injury can disrupt normal brain function, impacting your life forever.
  • Internal injuries: A serious internal injury may go unnoticed for some time after the accident, making immediate medical care all the more urgent.
  • Road rash: A painful friction burn, road rash usually involves embedded dirt and may lead to infection if left untreated.

Another possible effect of a serious bicycle crash is the medical condition of shock. The Mayo Clinic describes shock as a critical condition that can occur following a traumatic event. A sudden drop in blood flow through the body may result in organ damage or death.

Signs of possible shock include:

  • Pale or ashen skin;
  • Rapid pulse or breathing;
  • Nausea or vomiting; and
  • Unusual behavior or mental state.

Seeking immediate medical assistance is crucial following a bicycle crash. If you experience a bicycle accident, try to remain calm and accept medical transport to a hospital.

Medical care is expensive, and the bills start arriving almost immediately. Severe injuries that require a long recovery may prevent you from returning to your job for quite some time. Permanent injuries can sometimes put an end to your career.

A bicycle crash happens in a second, yet the results can be long-lasting. The emotional, psychological, physical, and financial harm often make it worth considering pursuing compensation from the driver for your injuries.

Liability for Your Bicycle Injuries

Bicyclists have the same rights and responsibilities as other road users.

Motor vehicle drivers often fail to share the road by engaging in the following dangerous behaviors:

  • Aggressive driving: Speeding, purposely tailgating, or road rage incidents.
  • Distracted driving: Eyes off the road, hands off the wheel, or mind off driving.
  • Drunk or drugged driving: Operating a vehicle under the influence of drugs or alcohol.
  • Drowsy driving: Lack of rest or an undiagnosed sleeping disorder.

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, drivers also place bicyclists at risk of serious harm by taking the following actions behind the wheel:

  • Failing to yield to a bicyclist;
  • Not allowing enough room to pass safely; and
  • Failure to search surroundings for a bicyclist before backing up or entering a roadway.

Gathering as much information as possible following a bicycle crash is imperative for a potential civil case. Cases involving a hit-and-run driver are easier to solve if you or a bystander can capture the vehicle’s license plate number, the type of car, or other relevant information.

A bicycle accident lawyer can investigate your accident, read police reports, and interview witnesses. Photos and possible media coverage of the accident scene can also prove helpful to your case.

Your lawyer will build your case for compensation based upon these and other types of evidence. Determining liability and proving negligence is vital for a successful bicycle accident claim and lawsuit. If you suffered serious harm in a bicycle accident caused by a reckless driver, consider seeking legal representation without delay.

The Long-Term Costs Associated with Severe Injuries

An especially catastrophic injury may require a lifetime of care. This care can involve therapies, rehabilitation, prescription medications, and more. In cases involving a traumatic brain injury, around-the-clock care at a skilled nursing facility is often a necessity—an expensive one.

A bicycle accident lawyer understands the tremendous financial burden many accident victims face. An inability to work and growing medical costs are real concerns you should not have to face alone. If another driver is responsible for your bicycle crash, calling a lawyer is an important first step toward seeking compensation for these accident-related costs.

Free Case Consultations for Accident Victims

A serious bicycle crash turns your world upside down in a second. The aftermath of such a tragic event can change your life in many unfair ways. Your injuries disrupt your life and require your full attention. The legal details of a case against the at-fault driver can overwhelm and add stress to your already difficult situation.

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George Salinas, Bicycle Accident Lawyer

Almost all bicycle accident attorneys offer potential clients a free consultation, where you can discuss your case, learn about the lawyer’s services, and get the lawyer’s preliminary opinion about the strength of your potential case. To pursue a bicycle accident claim and a lawsuit, you must act quickly due to the statute of limitations; the legal time limit for pursuing compensation after an injury. Filing your civil lawsuit promptly is essential to protecting your right to fight for possible compensation for your bicycle accident injuries.

A bicycle accident lawyer can represent your best interests by providing you with experienced legal representation. Contact a bicycle accident lawyer today to discuss seeking damages for your injuries.

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