Biking to Work? Know the Risks

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Commuting to work by bicycle when the weather allows has many benefits. It can save you money, help with parking, and keep you in shape, among other things. However, riding a bicycle to work in San Antonio also has certain risks – specifically, the risks of being involved in a crash and sustaining serious injuries. The following are only some of the risks that bike commuters face.

Rush Hour Traffic

If you are one of the many people in San Antonio who works hours that are considered to be “standard” by many, you will likely be commuting during rush hour traffic one or both ways. Rush hour traffic can be bad in San Antonio and the city was once ranked as the 24th-worst for rush hour traffic out of 400 cities in the United States. Rush hour can bring extreme traffic congestion, stop-and-go traffic, and more. Rear-end accidents are a serious risk for any vehicle stuck in rush hour traffic. If a particular road does not have a bike lane, a bicyclist among the cars may also be at high risk for rear-end accidents.

Aggressive Drivers

Many people are not in the best of moods during their commute. Perhaps they are tired and are not looking forward to going to work, or they just had a bad day at the office and do not want to sit in traffic. Many people who are commuting are in a hurry – whether to get to work on time or to get home to their other responsibilities involving their families.

In any event, cranky or impatient drivers can often become aggressive on the roads. Slower traffic can particularly incite aggressive driving and bicycles are inherently slower than cars. Therefore, it is not unusual for drivers to act aggressively toward bike commuters in the following ways and more:

  • Tailgating
  • Honking
  • Cutting off bicyclists
  • Dangerous passing of bicyclists
  • “Right hook” turns
  • Failing to yield
  • Running traffic lights

All of these behaviors can result in life-changing injuries to cyclists – all because a driver could not control their impatience.

Distracted Drivers

Many people are also highly distracted while driving during their commutes – or at any time of the day, really. Too many drivers use their time behind the wheel to multitask, planning the daily schedule, putting on makeup, checking email, getting their kids organized in the back seat, eating breakfast or dinner, and much more. Bicyclists are already more difficult to notice than cars and when a driver is distracted, the chances of a bicycle accident increase significantly.

After an Injury, Call a San Antonio Bicycle Accident Lawyer

Too many people are deterred from commuting on a bike because of the accident and injury risks. Drivers should know how to share the road with bicyclists and all other parties who are entitled to use the roadways in San Antonio. Unfortunately, crashes do occur and any accident victim should know their rights.

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