On a Bicycle Hit With a Car Who Ran a Stop Sign?

How a Bicycle Accident Lawyer Can Help You

Stop sign accidents are some of the most common accidents on the road. Bicycle stop sign accidents are especially common because many people in cars fail to recognize or respect bicyclists on the road. They frequently strike cyclists in acts of negligence or recklessness.

Bicycle Accident Injuries After Cars Run Stop Signs

bicycle accident lawyer san antonio texasBicyclists can suffer a wide range of injuries when cars run stop signs.

If you are on a bike when a car runs a stop sign, your accident could easily cause you:

Visit Your Doctor After a Bicycle Accident

If a car runs a stop sign and strikes you while you are riding a bicycle, seek medical attention. Ideally, visit your primary care provider. This will help him or her stay up-to-date on your condition. Your care provider also knows you better than the doctors in hospitals. They may identify symptoms of injury in you more easily than hospital or ER staff.

If you are seriously injured, visit the hospital or call for emergency medical assistance. Never delay medical attention in favor of seeing your doctor. Seeing your own doctor is recommended when you are safe and can do so.

There Are Many Reasons People Ride Bicycles

People use bicycles for a variety of reasons. Some people ride bikes as a form of recreation, some use them for critical transportation, and some rely on bike riding as a form of exercise. Someone may hop on a bicycle to run to the grocery store, to get to work, to visit a friend, or just to get out for a ride. All of these should be safe activities. But, when vehicle drivers are negligent or reckless, accidents can happen.

Who Is Liable When a Car Runs a Stop Sign and Hits a Bicycle?

Traffic laws mandate that vehicle drivers must stop completely at every stop sign. If a car runs a stop sign and strikes a bicyclist, the driver can be held responsible for the accident. He or she will be held liable for what happened as long as liability can be proven.

This is where an attorney comes into play. If a bicyclist who was hurt in one of these accidents hires a bicycle accident lawyer, the lawyer would try to prove the vehicle driver’s liability.

Stop Sign Bicycle Accidents

People find themselves in stop sign bicycle accidents for a variety of reasons. Even though stop signs help control traffic and keep roadways safe, stop sign intersections can be risky places. Here are some examples of why vehicles may run stop signs and injure a bicyclist.

Failure to Recognize a Two-Way Stop

Many drivers make the erroneous mistake of assuming that everyone (including oncoming traffic) has a stop sign at an intersection. In reality, many intersections are two-way stops.

When an accident stems from a failure to recognize a two-way stop, the liable driver may actually stop at the intersection. Issues arise when the driver sees a cyclist coming from the opposite direction. The driver may assume the cyclist also has to stop—but, if it is a two-way stop, this is not true.

Some drivers begin to drive or head out into intersections before it is their turn for this reason. They may think that oncoming traffic has to stop, when in reality it does not.

Failure to Yield

Unfortunately, not everybody who drives a car is interested in following the rules of the road—especially not when those rules give someone else the right of way. Many stop sign accidents occur because of failure to yield. A vehicle may move into an intersection when it is a bicyclist’s turn to cycle through, and cause an accident.

Other Causes of Stop Sign Bicycle Accidents

  • Drunk driving: Driving under the influence is never safe. When someone drinks and drives, their vision and their ability to think are impaired. This makes it very dangerous to be in or near an intersection with one of these drivers.
  • Driving distracted: Distractions can pull someone’s eyes from the road (there are probably more than one may think); eating, listening to loud music, and using electronic devices while driving can all cause a stop sign accident.
  • Reckless driving: Reckless driving behavior is never acceptable. We have a duty to keep each other safe on the road. Reckless driving habits can and do lead to bicycle accidents.
  • Impatience: A lot of people are in a hurry when they are driving. They may not want to take the time to stop appropriately at stop signs. When this happens, it can be very easy for a stop sign bicycle accident to occur.

Recoverable Damages After a Bicycle Accident

What Compensation Is Available After a Bike Accident?

If a bicycle accident hurt you because of someone’s negligence or recklessness (for example, by running a stop sign), you may be eligible to collect certain damages. Damages help account for losses and experiences brought on by the bicycle accident.

These commonly include:

  • Past, present, and future medical expenses
  • Mental anguish
  • Pain and suffering
  • Lost wages
  • Loss of earning capacity
  • Cost of rehabilitation
  • Loss of enjoyment of life
  • Disfigurement
  • Disability

Can a Lawyer Help Me After a Bicycle Accident?

evidence of fault at truck accident

George Salinas, bicycle accident attorney

A bicycle accident lawyer can help you after a bike crash hurts you.

If someone ran a stop sign and struck you while you were on a bicycle, a bike accident attorney may help you:

  • Pursue compensation for damages that occurred due to the accident.
  • Collect, organize, and document evidence to strengthen your case.
  • Consult experts from other industries (like the auto industry) to build your case.

Most legal professionals will suggest that you consult with several bike accident attorneys before choosing the one that is best for you. Every bicycle accident case is unique, and you deserve to feel supported throughout the legal process. Finding the right bike accident lawyer can help.

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