An Attorney Makes the Difference

The internet is full of all kinds of videos of people faking injuries at some big box store in order to try to get money out of the corporate Goliaths in our culture. These kinds of scams make it into the public psyche and somehow convince people that all personal injury lawsuits or lawsuits brought against large companies are just a “get rich quick” schemes and that personal injury lawyers are just a bunch of scammers in on the scam looking to score big. That couldn’t be further from the truth in most cases and is a persona that isn’t helpful or respectful of the legal profession.

An attorney, or lawyer, is simply someone who undertakes a detailed study of the law, receives certification of that study, and who utilizes that knowledge in the employ of others to represent them in legal matters related to their business, family, estate, property, personal injury, etc. Basically, a lawyer is someone who acts on your behalf to make sure that you are protected/defended whenever you find yourself in a legal battle.

While there are numerous examples of people faking injuries to try to get money from corporations, there a even more examples of decent people who are simply the recipients of injuries that could have been prevented. The goal of lawsuits in these cases isn’t to make corporations out to be evil entities that just want to prey on the weak, but to ensure that individuals who can’t afford the treatments for the injury that they received, due to negligence on the part of the company, get help with costs that they didn’t plan for.

Here’s the reality. Large corporations have complex organizational constructs. If someone is hurt in a store, the manager can’t just grab some cash out of the register and send them on there way. Whenever something like that happens, the corporation is under obligation to allow their legal department to handle the matter to protect themselves from being scammed and manipulated. This is why you need a lawyer in a case like this. If you find yourself going up against a massive corporation whose goal as a business is to maximize profits and minimize losses, you’re unlikely to find that they are just going to write a check for your presumed injuries. They are going to want to be able to substantiate those injuries, that those injuries happened on their premises, and that the amount sought is reasonable. Throughout all of this, having a lawyer on your side will mean that you are properly represented in this legal struggle and that you can get what you need/deserve.

Having a lawyer on your side brings legitimacy to your complaint. The legal departments of large corporations are flooded with accounts of injury, unfair treatment, neglect, etc. Those complaints carry more weight when they are accompanied by a letter or notice from a lawyer who is equipped to handle your case. So if you’ve been injured somewhere and you’re wondering about whether or not to get a lawyer involved, it’s likely that the answer is, “yes.” Take the time to talk to an attorney about your case. Most attorneys will provide you a free initial consultation and discuss with you what they think they can do for you. Take the opportunity to discuss it and make an informed decision. It might make a huge difference and you might just find that most lawyers are just people looking to help others that are in trouble.

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